Chatunga Mugabe posts dad’s picture on Facebook following resignation, Here’s how people reacted

Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe’s Facebook followers had mixed reactions when he posted a picture of his father Robert Mugabe after his resignation on Tuesday following protests for him to step down and a 6 day military intervention. Chatunga posted a picture of his father on Facebook.

This is what people had to say:

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25 comments on “Chatunga Mugabe posts dad’s picture on Facebook following resignation, Here’s how people reacted

  1. Five Kudos be extended to Grace the wife. Had it not been for her sharp mouth, we were going to languish in poverty forever. This man was not going to go anywhere. So as we celebrate, let us not also forget to remember “Dr Amai” for the contributions she made for this historic revolution to happen. Thank you Amai, without you we as Zimbabweans would have found it impossible to have your husband, my former President to resign.

  2. People of Zumba we should be happy that old goat is young. Pity he’s waking away. he killed many people and broke many families. He s day of reckoning will come.

  3. We love you our fearless gallant soldier. Your only mistake was in overstaying and not handing over the baton soon enough, and also allowing greedy vultures to surround you.

  4. Haiwa the tyrant had made our lives very difficult. Plus hure rake Gire iro ndiro rakasaka kuti abve pachigaro. Hure hariroorwi. Iwe Chatunga nyarara hako because hauswi mwana wa RG. Ziva zvamai vako vakabata m***** dzakawanda vachiisa mub**** mavo. Your old dad is not a hero in anyway to us the opposition, and he will never be. Iwe Chatunga nezvana zvamai vako muchafa muri marombe, kunyanya iwe usina kana gwazhi haro. Hahahahahahahahaha daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. Pidigori wayenda…..anga achinyanya kuvhaira. How can you wash your hands with wine, very expensive wine. Ndizvo zvinoitwa nevana vemahure.

    Your dad made a very big mistake by marrying your stupid mother. Sally was the real First Lady, not your mother.

  5. If the best there is amongst all the Shonas is Mugabe and Mnangagwa then God have mercy on us. The majority tribe let us down with forcing Mugabe on us, and now suddenly they want us to believe that Mnangagwa, without even any cleaning up, washing, dusting, cleansing etc is the man. There used to be a saying when we were growing up, “Uthathekile imota yamaswina” this was used to describe someone who gets easily carried away, someone without principle etc and have seen this in the last 37 years and it got more lived in the last two weeks, the en-mass shift from Mugabe to Mnangagwa unfortunately proved the above adage true. Please, majority people, let us in future vote for the best man or woman to lead us irregardless of their tribe, ethnicity etc and let us try to use our brains and be consistent.

  6. A very big thank you to chimsoro Jonso.Pasina iwe dai tiripapi. You managed the big and near impossible task of destroying the tyrant whilst at the same time making some bit of lolly for self and family. But remember this Jonso “The thief always makes the one last mistake” They must lock you away for a considerable length of time. Our new independence has to be spared your very toxic and provocative kind of politics. thanks again for a job well done.

  7. One hopes to see more photos of deposed ZANU PF and ZANLA thugs on social media over the next few months. Zimbabwe has little hope until they have all gone and the 40 year nightmare is over. The IMF and internatiinal vommunity should not lend support to this corrupt military junta government.

  8. RG was good when he first came in but became too greedy & was corrupted by the bloody bitch Gucci. Now a disGrace to the nation. DON’T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! PUMA

  9. Mr Mugabe yu overstayed yo welcome, what happened to yu is quick reminder to others of yo nature who thinks a country is their private property.Blair keep yo England and I WL keep my Zimbabwe—-reflection on yo very words.little did yu know that God was raising a better leader in yo stead.yu were driving in the same boat but this one was learning from yo mistakes. At the appointed time he took charge and took the boat to a different but right direction.guess who,yes none other than President Mnangagwa.

  10. Guys let us be sincere. (1) Look guys, this young man Bellarmine, does not deserve all these nasty comments. The former President will remain his dear father regardless of what you may feel. Does anyone serious expect Bellarmine to disown his father and mother just because everybody else dislikes them. Please give the young man a chance to live his own life. He has his whole life ahead of him. The young man needs all the encouragement he can possibly get.

  11. I hope all will remember that independence for Zimbabwe was for all Zimbabweans and not to enrich a few people.$1.75 billion dollars is a bit too much add 13 farms a several homes in several continents.

  12. He was an icon.He had strengths and weaknesses alike like any other human being .To me his greatest undoing was failing to mentor a successor earlier.He had great ideas but the people he trusted to implement let him down and that led to his demise.He had to go at some point.Unfortunately he didnt leave under the best circumstances.To me he remains a hero

    1. Really .these boys have no chikoro.madhofo
      That money will run out and then what?your dada will be 6 feet under .then you will know what poverty is

  13. Personally I never supported ZANU-PF, but I give President Mugabe 3 stars:
    (1) For his stance against homosexuals. Zimbabwe is one of the few countries homosexuality is forbidden in public space. At least for now our children are safe. I hope ED will not succumb to western gay pressure groups like South Africa did.
    (2) For free education for all during the 80s. This really bridged the knowledge gap at home and not only positioned Zimbabweans in the region and beyond, but built a civilised Zimbabwean society.
    (3) For maintaining peace and security. Under his watch a vibrant state security sector made sure that enemies of the state did not succeed in plunging Zimbabwe in to a civil war despite engineering a perfect recipe for such. Since early 2000s war appeared to be imminent in Zimbabwe, but that never came to pass.

    Of cause his greatest mistake was not to groom a successor which led to the fall of ZANU-PF.

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