AUDIO: “We have learnt from our mistake”: Chipanga apologises to Chiwenga and Zimbabwe Defence Forces

Zanu-PF Youth League national leader Kudzanayi Chipanga has apologised to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) and Commander Constantino Chiwenga for a press statement he issued saying that they are prepared to die for President Robert Mugabe and that as the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Force he should not hide behind the barrel of the gun. Chiopanga said that the press statement he delivered was given to him by Rodney Dangarembizi.

Listen to the audio below:

Kudzanayi ChipangaZanu-PF Youth LeagueZimbabwe Defence Forces

Kudzanayi Chipanga (Kudzai for short) is a politician and former member of the Zanu-PF party. ZANU-PF turned down Chipanga's quest to be readmitted into the party after he was expelled from the party in 2017. Read More About Kudzanayi Chipanga

The Zanu PF Youth League is a wing of the party for people less than 40 years of age. Read More About Zanu-PF Youth League

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces is the grouping of security forces in the Republic of Zimbabwe under which the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) fall. The Commander in Chief of ZDF is the president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Commander is... Read More About Zimbabwe Defence Forces

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