Manyuchi gets second chance to reclaim WBC welterweight silver title

Charles Manyuchi’s hopes to reclaim the WBC welterweight silver title have been rekindled after the WBC 55th Convention which ran between October 1-6 in Baku, Azerbaijan, declared the title vacant after holder Qudratillo Abduxorov’s camp indicated the Uzbek would no longer be able to defend it. 

This means that the Number One contender on the WBC welterweight ratings, Shawn Potter, will square off with a former super-lightweight, Adrian Proner, and the winner between the two may then fight Manyuchi. Though he had been pushed to a distant 27th on the rankings, Manyuchi got a 15th place slot at the convention that makes him eligible to be a challenger. A WBC source said:

While Clause 5 of their contract stipulates that should Manyuchi lose to Abduxorov, as happened in Singapore, the Zimbabwean would have the chance for a rematch. But it appears the Uzbek’s camp have been changing goalposts and the matter was deliberated at length at the WBC where the president, Mauricio Sulaiman, requested to be furnished with the contract. The title was immediately declared vacant.

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