“My 21 wives will not desert me. I am still the man of the house”: boasts Gumbura

In an interview with The Herald, Robert Martin Gumbura said his 21 wives, nine of whom are still to bear him children will stand by him despite him serving a 40-year prison term for rape at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.

He said he taught his wives well and that they will not stray. Gumbura also revealed that his wives will not listen to any other teaching since he taught them well. Said Gumbura:

My wives and the whole family will not desert me. I am still the man of the house. I taught them to understand that although they were many, they were one and I was their only husband. Mukuvadzidzisa kwandakaita, ndakavarakidza zvavana Dhavidhi zviya, zvavana mambo Solomon. Vakaverenga vega ndokubva vajekerwa nenyaya yacho, vakabva vaibata, yakadaro (I shared with them different narratives from the Bible ranging from that of King David and King Solomon. They also read and understood the teachings)They do not listen to these interpretations. I taught them well. They are a unified group, who are eager to remain as such. That alone has helped them to work on the farm and produce enough for their upkeep and the children. We used to produce 120 tonnes of maize every year in addition to the livestock and other produces we had on the farm. But now, they can only produce 20 tonnes. Do not forget that they are women and cannot do much.

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