Confed of Zim Retailers says that most of the “pure honey” in shops does not deserve to be on shelves

The Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) has spoken out against manufacturers of “pure honey” saying that most of them were selling fake honey.

In a Facebook post the CZR said:

The CZR did a survey today on pure honey. Most honey brands stocked with many shops is not original pure honey. It is mixed with sugar by unscrupulous honey suppliers bent on profiteering at the expense of the general public who have not enough information. Only few out of the bottles tested had original honey taste while the rest is simply sugary and doesnt deserve to be in supermarket shelves.

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The CZR has meanwhile contacted most of the fake honey suppliers and will be engaging with them on Monday with the view of bringing in authorities while instructing retailers to immidiately remove such inferior products from the shelves. The other brand had the audacity to display on the packaging that the company started in the 18th century. Thats pure misinformation with the deliberate intention to hoodwink innocent consumers

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