Five things you probably did not know about Patrick Zhuwao

Today Patrick Zhuwao celebrates his birthday. Below are five things you probably did not know about him:

  1. He shares a birthday with former Zimbabwean tennis legend Kevin Ullyett.
  2. Zhuwao holds four master’s degrees.
  3. He entered mainstream politics when he won the Zvimba East seat as a ZANU-PF candidate in 2008 and was subsequently appointed the deputy minister for Science and Technology.  He has also held several positions within the ZANU PF party including being a member for the politiburo. After having served his term as legislator for Zvimba East Constituency, Zhuwao failed to gather party support and was beaten at the party’s primary elections by fellow party member Francis Mkwangwawira.
  4. He has interests in Telecel Zimbabwe through the Empowerment Corporation of Zimbabwe.
  5. Zhuwao was at one point said to have been involved in a salary dispute with farm workers at Norton Tobacco farm after he allegedly went for three months without paying their salaries. Although having confirmed the incident, Zhuwao was quick to point out that since he was a tobacco farmer, he could only pay his employees after his crop had been auctioned.

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5 comments on “Five things you probably did not know about Patrick Zhuwao

  1. Four masters degrees,,,,, you know there is a saying that goes jack of all trades and master of none.Now this bugger has all these degrees and has not done a stroke of work in his miserable life .Well now he is in exile lets see his masters degrees go to work for him.Lets truly see who thinks he is marketableor even employable for that matter.With uncle out of work tenders wont do either and no cheap seats in parliament or minesterial posts .Well i bet ULLYET wont exactly be flattered by the comparison and you perhaps shouldmention kuti mwana we hure for all his degrees like uncle he and his mother will never know his true father

  2. Ma master degree eku pihwa se doctorate ra grace aya! Why does he not understand kuti its not proper commercial farming to pay your farm workers only after selling the produce? Does the welfare of his farm workers mean anything to this selfish idiot? ma farm workers gore rese anenge achidyeyi, achiyendesa vana kuchikoro neyi? I blame it all on the hopelessly selfish mugabe. a waste of space and parental effort.

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