Food at funeral eaten by street kids and “hwindis” as Lameck threatens mourners with catapault

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Lameck Makwiramiti the man who caused a sensation a funeral for his graveside no holds barred expose of the deceased’s alleged evil acts, gave the mourners a torrid time after he stopped them from eating the food. Lameck stationed himself near where the food was being dished and used his catapault to threaten anyone who tried to collect and eat food.

Said Lameck to H-Metro:

I really wanted to smear the food with faeces. I resorted to using a catapult which I wanted to use to attack anyone who dared to get closer to the pots. They surely did not eat the sadza and most of the mourners left without eating.

Lameck was scheduled to appear on Tilda Moyo’s show, on Tuesday but was unable to make it due to car problems. However, in a brief phone interview with Tilda, Lameck confirmed that mourners had been unable to eat the food due to his actions.

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Video: Lameck's graveside speech as he exposes deceased's alleged misdeeds


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