Former SPB chairperson suspected to have been killed mafia style before he could spill the beans to President Mugabe

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Charles Kuwaza the late former State Procurement Board executive chairman was scheduled to meet President Mugabe privately, the week that he died. The Independent revealed that Kuwaza had to use parallel structures to secure a private meeting with the President after some members of the Office of the President and Cabinet had blocked his efforts to meet the president. Kuwaza wanted to reveal information about what was happening at the State Procurement Board when he died in what was initially suspected to be a suicide. However, the Independent revealed that it had unearthed evidence that showed Kuwaza was likely to have been murdered mafia style before he could spill the beans.

Due to the nature of Kuwaza’s death, some senior government officials have been advised not to travel unaccompanied especially when visiting the office on weekends and public holidays when the number of people is limited.

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