BVR kit suppliers charging between $4 million and $5,5 million each for equipment

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The companies’ event bid history supplied to stakeholders involved in the biometric voter registration (BVR) kit validation tests being conducted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) shows that Germany-based Dermalog Identification Systems wants $5,5 million for its equipment, while Laxton Group Limited from China’s bid is close to $4 million.

The BVR kit includes a laptop with encryptable USB ports, internal high capacity, extended life battery which lasts for a minimum of six hours before recharging, digital signature pad and pen, fingerprint scanner, ID and document scanner, digital camera, solar kits and encryptable USB flash disks that are not usable on any other media.

The winning bidder will be awarded the tender to supply about 2 500 BVR kits to create a biometric voters’ roll ahead of the 2018 harmonised elections, although the polls will not be conducted electronically.

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