US envoy to Zimbabwe speaks on U.S. policy on Zimbabwe under Trump’s administration

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Speaking during a discussion, held to celebrate Zimbabwe’s 37th independence anniversary, US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Harry K. Thomas Jr. answered questions regarding to US policy on Zimbabwe under Donald Trump’s administration. Thomas Jr. said it is too early for him to determine Trump’s stance on Zimbabwe.

Said Thomas Jr.:

I cannot answer hypotheticals. I can say that we have a new senior director for African Affairs starting at the National Security Council this week. The President has yet to appoint an Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, so we will have to wait for that person to be appointed, then see what type of policies that that person will implement for all of Africa. That said, as I said, our policies have stayed and remained the same in terms of remaining the largest donor in assistance and obviously wanting to ensure that there is free and fair elections in 2018. We join the rest of the world in that. It is still very early in the administration to ask macro or micro questions about U.S. policy.

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