10 things we learnt from Walter Magaya’s explanation of Yadah Connect

In case you do not have the time to watch the full interview of Walter Magaya explaining what Yadah Connect is about here are ten important points that we learnt from the interview:

  1. Yadah Connect is a cooperative where people invest their money into various businesses managed by Magaya for example mining and farming. It is a wing under Planet Africa.
  2. He refuted claims that Yadah Connect is a pyramid scheme arguing that unlike a pyramid scheme people who invest in Yadah Connect can monitor their investment and will get their share based on their initial investment.
  3. You can move your investment before the money has been used. You however have to notify before one does that.
  4. There is a 6 month waiting period and they have 17 mines that conduct opencast mining which has no risk of collapsing. In case the mine collapses they are insured.
  5. Magaya will build schools for Yadah Connect partners’ children. He will start with schools in Bulawayo which have been approved.  The schools will have a different curriculum from that of Government.
  6. He will start real estate investments soon. There are stands in Harare which are available for Yadah Connect investors.
  7. The minimum investment for agriculture is $500 and the maximum is $1 000. People can invest using their houses although they have to value it first. A batch can only be closed after a certain amount is raised.
  8. He will turn down those who are skeptical who will want to join later when Yadah Connect is a big project.
  9. People can change stands according to their preference as people have not been given title deeds yet.
  10. They take student on attachment at Yadah Connect.

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Walter Magaya is a Zimbabwean religious leader. He is among the most celebrated self-proclaimed prophets in Zimbabwe and is the founder of Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries (P.H.D). Magaya rose to prominence in 2012 after his visit to T. B. Joshua (of SCOAN) who is believed... Read More About Walter Magaya

Yadah Connect is a business platform by Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya. Read More About Yadah Connect

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5 comments on “10 things we learnt from Walter Magaya’s explanation of Yadah Connect

  1. Man of God I count myself among the blessed to be borne in this age where God is using his menservants like you what a blessing. Mushaukwa sishekano from Zambia

  2. My name is Phillip Sipho Ngcobo from South Africa. Im somuch amazed at what I saw yesterday on your TV program on Bussines Opportunities the man of Go is providing for us people…may God increase him mightinlly.

  3. I always thank Jehovah- GOD for selfless ministers of the Gospel like Prophet Magaya who think of others. may God continue raising you and increase his anointing on your life. God bless you always

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