Politics leads the gun: Mugabe tells war veterans

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President Robert Mugabe has urge the war veterans to to be satsified with positions they got from Zanu-PF. He also added that the war veterans were not entitled to challenge the civilian leadership simply because they fought in the leberatiuon war.

Speaking at the burial of , Brigadier General James Jotham Murozvi, at the National Heroes’ Acre yesterday President Mugabe said:

He was quiet. He was different and was not like some who say since I am a war veteran I have got the right to challenge and demand that things should be done this way. He knew the procedure.

We are war veterans, yes. We came back after fighting for Zimbabwe. We have got a party that leads us, not a party that we are forced to lead.

In this party we believe that we have a job to do, if we are to be given positions, we should accept the positions. We should agree that the detainee, collaborator, you might an ordinary person, or chiefs, the party is ours together.

…We are not different, we should all be equal in Zanu-PF. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline.

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