MDC-T youths want 20% of seats to be reserved for young people

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The youths of the MDC-T have proposed that the party reserves a minimum of 20 percent of contested seats for young people. The 20 percent would apply to both local authority and parliamentary seats.

MDC-T youth secretary-general, Lovemore Chinoputsa, said.

Our demands are that young people should be represented at all levels of leadership and we gave our proposal to the party that we needed at least 25% of all the seats available, but we settled for 20%.

We have already succeeded on the first hurdle, which was to have this issue accepted at the national council, our highest decision-making body that deals with policy issues. What is left is the actual implementation matrix and I’m happy that as the assembly we have already started to put in place a clear implementation matrix to actualise the policy. We are of the view that we need to make sure that we utilise our numbers as young people to ensure presidential victory in 2018

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