Supa says government hardly censors media, media censors itself

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Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira refuted claims that the government censored the media, arguing that the media censored itself out of self-interest

Speaking at a Media Alliance of Zimbabwe regional media conference in Harare Mandiwanzira said:

A lot of the censorship comes from the journalists themselves; a lot comes from the editors; a lot of the censorship comes from the owners of the media themselves. Trust me, there will be no article that attacks Mandiwanzira on ZiFM Stereo even if I have done something wrong.

Government hardly censors anybody. There are people who would not write about Econet because they are afraid of losing advertising. There are certain institutions you can’t write on because you will lose advertising.

He was responding to a presentation from Alpha Media Holings managing director Vincent Kahiya which said that the government abused the media.

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Supa MandiwanziraZiFM Stereo

Supa Collins Mandiwanzira is a Zimbabwean politician, journalist and entrepreneur. He is the current Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security in the Republic of Zimbabwe. Mandiwanzira is the founder of Zimbabwe's only privately owned radio station, ZiFM Stereo through his company, AB Communications.... Read More About Supa Mandiwanzira

ZiFM Stereo is the first privately-owned radio station in Zimbabwe. It is owned by Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front politician, Supa Mandiwanzira through his company African Business Communications (AB Communications). The company was awarded a free-to-air broadcasting license in November 2011 and started broadcasting... Read More About ZiFM Stereo


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