We are surviving by stealing from the company say workers from Hwange who have gone unpaid for 4 years

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Workers at Hwange Colliery Company, once the biggest coal producer in Zimbabwe, have gone for four years without getting paid.  At one point the workers were reportedly paid in bricks. When questioned on why they were still reporting to work by Centre for Natural Resource Governance (CNRG), a leading mining rights lobby NGO, the workers said openly said that they were going to steal anything that they could get their hands on.

CNRG chief executive, Farai Maguwu, said:

We asked some of the workers to establish how they were surviving without salaries and they said we are surviving through stealing and they were very clear and they did not hide,

So, we said what are you stealing since the company was running at a loss and they said we are stealing anything that can be stolen from pens, bond paper, cups, whatever that can be stolen we are taking it away for sale,

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