Legal expert, Alex Magaisa exposes Herald’s propaganda on Chief Justice appointment issue

Posted by Tayana

Legal expert, Alex Magaisa has commented on The Herald’s article on the appointment of the Chief Justice titled “New twist to CJ succession •Constitution being amended •Judges public interviews a nullity“. Magaisa says the article is misleading and contains a number of inaccuracies.

In the article Magaisa says that The Herald says there is no precedent anywhere in the world where the Chief Justice is interviewed and goes on to cite the US and Kenya as examples. He says this is a misrepresentation of facts and notes that in the US, the President nominates a candidate who must be confirmed by Senate and in Kenya, the Chief Justice is appointed through a selection process led by their JSC, a process very much similar to ours. Magaisa also says South Africa also conducts a similar interviewing process to select its Chief Justice.  He concludes by writing:

Overall, the statement that there is no precedent anywhere in the world where a Chief Justice is interviewed is completely incorrect, false and misleading.

He writes that The Herald misrepresents facts by noting that the Chief Justice is appointed by the JSC and not by the President as the Chief Justice is appointed by President from a list submitted by the JSC after public interviews.

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