Mayor throws out councillor for being improperly dressed

Posted by Tayana

On Tuesday, Bulawayo Mayor Martin Moyo ordered ward 28 councillor, Collet Ndlovu, to go out and dress properly before attending a full council meeting, accusing him of being improperly dressed.

Moyo claimed Ndlovu had breached the council’s dress code, which prescribes a formal suit. Ward 4 councillor, Silas Chigora, was the first to raise the issue, drawing the mayor’s attention to Ndlovu’s attire which consisted of a navy-blue pair of trousers, a shirt, a tie and a designer striped jacket that did not match his trousers.

However, the mayor said it was important for him to wear a standard suit for council meetings and ordered that he leave the chambers. Ward 27 councillor, Siboniso Khumalo, attempted to challenge the mayor’s decision, but was overruled. Ndlovu was later rescued by a council employee, who offered a matching jacket, prompting the mayor to call him back.

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