RBZ Full Statement on the release of $7 million second batch of Bond Notes

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Earlier we reported that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will be releasing a second batch of $2 bond notes. Here is the full press statement from the central bank:


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (the Bank) would like to express its great appreciation to the Zimbabwean public, consumers and business, for embracing Bond Notes following the release of the first batch of $10 million Bond Notes on 28 November 2016. The Bank remains indebted to all the business organizations in Zimbabwe, large and small, that made the introduction of the Bond Notes a success.

In line with the strategy to release the Bond Notes on a measured or dripfeed basis, the Bank would like to advise the public that it is releasing the second batch of $2 Bond Notes amounting to $7 million this week. This brings the total amount of Bond Notes disbursed to $17 million against a value of $70 million payable to exporters of goods and services under the Export Incentive Scheme.

The Bond Notes are of high quality with many security features to make them secure. The rubbing off of ink and the variation of the security thread on the notes are quite normal.

The Bank is also pleased to advise the public that the $5 Bond Notes shall be released into the market in due course. Going forward, the Bank shall continue to publicise information on the release of Bond Notes into the market in order to uphold its commitment to transparency which is above reproach.

Dr J P Mangudya


Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

7 December 2016

You can download the full statement here



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