Harare Mayor blames Zanu PF for vendor crisis

Posted by Tayana

City of Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni has said that President Robert Mugabe‘s government is to blame for the vendors in the capital’s central business district (CBD). He said the crisis is a result of Zanu PF’s failure to manage the economy.

Speaking to journalists recently, Manyenyeni said Harare City Council could not disperse vendors from the CBD, as multitudes have been forced into vending due to the current economic problems. He said,

The vendors are not a council problem. They originated from the current economic problems, most of these vendors are educated, they don’t have jobs so people must not blame the council for vendors. They need to feed their families. The only option left for them is stealing or being a vendor. Even after the 100 day-plan the vendors will remain. You must know that we don’t operate in a vacuum. We operate in an economy. Also the problem of garbage must not be blamed on council only, people must learn to throw their rubbish in bins.

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