Harare drinking water full of pollutants and carcinogengs- UZ Professor

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Christopher Magadza an environmentalist and professor with the University of Zimbabwe,  has said that the city of Harare‘s drinking water is full of pollutants and cancer-causing chemicals, due to the fact that most of the city’s water is recycled water from the flush system.

Professor Mugadza said:

Water coming in from our flush system is actually what people are drinking right now . . . very little is coming in from Manyame and Mukuvisi. There are so many harsh chemicals and pollutants in our raw water.

The most common method of treating water for consumption is applying chlorine but if the water has a lot of organic material from pollution, chlorine will combine with that material to produce chlorocarbon that is far much more dangerous. You produce water that may be free of bacteria but is full of chemicals that cause cancer

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