Sten Zvorwadza vows to stage demo on Friday with or without police clearance

Posted by Tayana

National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe chairperson, Sten Zvorwadza has vowed to stage the Munhu Wese Muroad protest with or without a police clearance.

He said protesters do not need seek police clearance to practice their constitutional right as state in Section 59 of Zimbabwe’s new Constitution which guarantees the right to protest peacefully. Zvorwadza who was recently in the Diaspora seeking funding, told Daily News that the protest would be over government’s poor policies, among other issues affecting Zimbabweans.

Among the social movements to participate in the demonstration, according to Zvorwadza, are Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag, #ThisFlower, #Tajamuka, #ThisGown, Dzamaras’ Occupy Africa Unity Square, #ThisConstitution and #TheEndGame.

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