Mliswa claims that there was no rigging in 2013 elections

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Newly elected, independent Norton Member of Parliament, Themba Mliswa has denied claims of rigging in the 2013 elections.  He argued that there was no manipulation of the the voter’s roll and that there was no ballot stuffing.

However, he seemed to concede that in 2008, rigging did take place. Youth Forum Zimbabwe event held in Harare Mliswa said:

You must find local intelligent people who monitor what’s happening at the polling station, I had updates every five minutes on people who had voted.

There isn’t ballot stuffing which happens after this when your agent has signed. Ballot stuffing probably happened in 2008. The reason why MDC didn’t win in 2013 is that they didn’t have people to do this.

He urged opposition parties to work together on building strong systems that can thwart political violence.

The rigging that is there is in the violence, intimidation and vote buying which is what we need to be fighting.

There is no point in us cluelessly referring to the 2008 elections when there have been reforms.

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