NUST graduation protester convicted

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Advance Musoki (23), the NUST student who shouted  during the graduation ceremony telling President Mugabe to provide employment to graduates was found convicted of crimonal nuisance.  Bulawayo magistrate Adeline Mbeure convicted Musoki on his own plea and sentenced him to 2 weeks in prison with an option of a fine of $50.  Musoke was represented by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Lawyer Mehluli Dube who pleaded  in mitigation that:

The court must consider that he is a first offender and it is not good for first offenders to be sent to jail in case they become hard core criminals,” Dube submitted.

The court must consider that he pleaded guilty to the charge without wasting court’s time showing that he has contrition. The court must deal with this case in view of the current economic hardships. In this case the fact that someone graduates and fails to get a job and this is frustrating.

In this case there is an option of a fine up to level five and I ask for the court to impose a $10 fine to meet the justice of this case.

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