Study reveals 32% of rural pupils have dropped out of school due to financial constraints

Posted by Tayana

The Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee (Zimvac) 2016 Rural Livelihoods Assessment report released recently shows that 32 percent of children in the country’s rural provinces have dropped out of school due to their parents’ failure to pay school fees.

The study also showed that although 32 percent of pupils dropped out of school due to financial constraints, there was an increase in the number of children in school compared to 2015 as school attendance increased to 85 percent from 76 percent the previous year.

A total of 15 percent were recorded to be out of school in 2016 compared to 24 percent in 2015. Some of the reasons cited for failure by children to go to school include long distances, disability, pregnancy or marriage while others were not interested in going to school.

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