Grace Mugabe urges Councillors and MPs not to steal

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Speaking as the guest speaker at the commissioning of Zibagwe Bridge along Chivhu-Nyazura highway yesterday, First Lady Grace Mugabe said that leaders are not elected to line their pockets, but to work for the development of their communities.

She said,

Kana muine macouncillors muno, macouncillors haasi ekuba. Kutora zvinhu vachiisa muhomwe kwete. Know your role. If you do not understand your role, go and ask and get induction courses. Because, most of the people who get into positions of authority, are using that to enrich themselves. You are not in that position of authority to enrich yourself. You are in that position, to serve the people. Councillors, your duty is to ensure that roads and bridges are maintained and other social services required by people in your constituencies.

She continued

It is, therefore, my fervent hope that political leaders, the MPs in particular, pay attention to those issues that make life better for the communities you represent. While some are doing it better than others, there are those among us who have consistently disappointed. Please MPs, I implore you. Your people need you. You are there to serve them.We must be indefatigable in providing better roads, more schools, closer and clean water sources, food for everyone, health, education and improved social welfare that takes care of the elderly, the orphaned and the socially disadvantaged.

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