The Church is not giving people Jesus, says Saungweme

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Speaking to The Sunday Mail, Evangelist Paul Saungweme of Jesus for Africa Evangelistic Ministries said that the Church is not giving people Jesus. Asked by Tendai Manzvanzvike if his crusade was complementing what other Churches were doing he said,

My sister, I am not at all happy with the state of the church today because I see as if people are moving from one ministry to another, looking for Jesus, but the church is not giving them that Jesus. They are busy giving them all sorts of things, and not Jesus Christ. We are not giving them the relevant message, and that relevant message is: when John the Baptist came, he said, repent for the kingdom of God is here. Even Jesus’ prime message was repentance. So, the church must address the issue of the heart first, before addressing all these other issues. We are giving prophecies and also giving different messages of the gospel, but this message is not bringing salvation to people. It is not changing their hearts. If we prophesy and preach prosperity when there is no renewal of the mind it’s just as good as doing nothing.

Saungweme’s Church will round off their 2016 national crusades at Zimbabwe Grounds, with what he describes as an endeavour to lift Jesus’ name in Harare.

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