USD to Zimbabwe Dollar Exchange Rate

The USD to Zimbabwe dollar exchange rate is in 2 forms. The first is the official rate which is controlled and announced by the government through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The second is the Unofficial rate which is derived from the market.

The unofficial rate depends on the businesses trading in Zimbabwe and the general rate they apply in pricing their products. As such, there’s typically more than 1 unofficial rate or a range of them.


Official Zimbabwe to USD Rate 

  • US $1  = ZWL $915.18

Rate based on the Foreign Exchange Auction results published on 21 March 2023


Unofficial Rates

last updated: 23 March 2023

  • Forex Black Market: ZWL $1400       
  • Innscor in-store: ZWL $1000
  • Chicken Slice: ZWL $1200
  • KFC: ZWL $1200
  • Eat’n’Lick: Z.WL $1200

Source: Kukurigo


Please note that the foreign exchange rates are provided for information and educational reasons only. They are source from what we at Pindula feel are reliable sources of such information in Zimbabwe