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The Ultimate Baking Manual For Beginners (PDF)

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Are you a baking beginner, a regular hit and miss baker or a baker interested in a solid foundation?

While the presentation of a cake, muffins and other such baked products may be an art, the baking of cakes and other baked products is a science.

Baking is a simple science that produces the same result if same inputs and process is applied.

Once you learn the science I am about to teach you, you shall produce baked products perfectly and repeatedly 99% of the time.

To be a competent and skilled baker you first must understand the fundamentals of baking. That is what this is about. I teach you in detail, step-by-step in the manual.

Your ultimate baking manual created by a Zimbabwean for locally available ingredients is waiting for you.

Over 80 detailed pages that will leave you :-

  1. with a full appreciation of the roles played by different ingredients in baking
  2. with a master handle on correctly measuring and substituting ingredients (the pitfalls of many a baker)
  3. understanding the different baking techniques used by pro-bakers and where to apply them
  4. grounded in troubleshooting when things go wrong as they shall with baked products
  5. equipped with money-can’t-buy life-long skill on how to create your own cakes, cupcakes or muffin recipes from scratch (this is a gold mine, the proverbial giver of the fishing rod instead of fish)

See you inside. This manual will transform your baking journey permanently!

Tip: Once you download, print and put in a binder and enjoy your copy.

Please note, this is not a recipe book but a baking manual that teaches how to bake.


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