Jonathan Moyo’s Farm Under Threat From State Security Agents – Report

State security agents are reportedly trying to illegally possess a farm belonging to Professor Jonathan Moyo, a former cabinet minister who fled into exile at the height of the November 2017 military coup. The Zimbabwe Independent reports that Moyo bought the farm, Elephant Trust Farm measuring 623 hectares in 2001. He parted away with the […]

Chihuri Is Not In Malawi – Jonathan Moyo

Former Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has claimed that the former ZRP Chief Commissioner, Augustine Chihuri was not in Malawi. His remarks follow allegations by Malawian opposition leader Saulos Chilima that Chihuri was assisting the Malawian government to rig the elections. Chilima was quoted saying: We are saying that Chihuri must leave our country, don’t […]

Allegation That Chihuri Was Helping Election Rigging In Malawi Is A Lie: Jonathan Moyo

Former minister in President Robert Mugabe’s government, Professor Jonathan Moyo has said that the allegation that Chihuri helping Malawian politicians rig elections there is a lie. The allegation was apparently made by United Transformation Movement (UTM) leader Saulos Chilima on Sunday morning and was reported in several publications in Malawi. Said Jonathan Moyo on Twitter: […]

Khupe And Mwonzora’s Political Careers Dead: Jonathan Moyo

Jonathan Moyo has waded into the MDC leadership issue currently at hand saying Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora’s political careers are dead. The exiled former minister in President Robert Mugabe’s government said the actions of the two following the judgment last week show that they are a danger to themselves. Moyo said on his Twitter […]

Jonathan Moyo Hits Back At ‘Gukurahundi Careerists’ Report

Former Education Minister Jonathan Moyo has castigated state media reports which suggested that there are “gukurahundi careerists”. The terminology denotes that there are some people who have profited and earned a living through campaigning for justice for Gukurahundi victims. Writing on social media in response to the Sunday Mail report, Moyo said: This thing of […]

LEAKED: Private WhatsApp Messages Between Shingi Munyeza & Jonathan Moyo

A fight on the Twitter social media platform between Jonathan Moyo and Shingi Munyeza ended with Moyo posting of private WhatsApp chats they did in 2018. What started the Twitter fight is a Friday night tweet by Jonathan in which he said that the Presidential Advisory Council had had a meeting where Trevor Ncube “came […]

BREAKING: ‘Shingi Munyeza A Junta Operative and CIO Spy’ – Jonathan Moyo Posts WhatsApp Chats

Shingi Munyeza, a Zimbabwean cleric, entrepreneur, and member of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Advisory Council, has been accused of being a junta and CIO spy. The information was revealed by former cabinet minister in President Mugabe’s government, Professor Jonathan Moyo, who on Saturday night posted private messages between himself and Munyeza on Twitter. Moyo said ahead […]

Munyeza Saying Prof Jonathan Moyo Knows What Happened To Itai Dzamara?

In a twitter debate between Professor Jonathan Moyo and Shingi Munyeza which dug on a number of issues, the latter might have implicated the former in Itai Dzamara’s disappearance. Responding to Moyo’s tweet, Munyeza said: Tell us about #ItaiDzamara who you chickened telling us then for fear of victimization. Dzamara, is reported to have been […]

Fiction Galore: New 2017 Coup Book ‘Two Weeks In November’ Dismissed By Jonathan Moyo

Former cabinet minister in Robert Mugabe’s government, Jonathan Moyo, has dismissed a new book on the November 2017 Coup that ousted Mugabe as fiction galore. The book was released this past week. It was written by a Zimbabwean writer,  Douglas Rogers. Said Moyo: Sad #TwoWeeksInNovember by @douglasprogers is fiction-loaded including fibs that “Mnangagwa escaped a gunshot” to cross into […]

Jonathan Moyo Worried That US$2.5 Million Donation Will Disappear

Former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo says President Mnangagwa’s excitement over a donation of USD$2.5 million by the United States of America raises fears that the money will disappear. Said Prof. Moyo: Mnangagwa, calling the collapsing local RTGS$ currency “ma RTG”, excited like a toddler who’s had a lollipop for the […]

‘MDC Has Disconnected With Bulawayo Voters’ – Prof Jonathan Moyo

Following the Zanu-PF victory in Cowdry Park council by-elections in Bulawayo, Prof Jonathan Moyo has said that the MDC Alliance needs to introspect. The party, said Moyo, has disconnected with Bulawayo voters. Said Moyo: ZANUPF’S Chidwell Mujuru wins Ward 28 Bulawayo council by-election with 1899 votes to 1229 for Nomagugu Mloyi of the MDC-A which […]

Jonathan Moyo Likens ED To Pol Pot

Former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, has likened President Emmerson Mnangagwa to Cambodia’s former ruler, Pol Pot. Prof. Moyo says the wearing of a scarf everywhere and every time was popularised by the former dictator who was accused of mass murder. Writing on social media, Moyo said: Mnangagwa’s voodoo idea of wearing […]

Mnangagwa Going To Abu Dhabi To Seek Bailout- Jonathan Moyo

President Emmerson Mnangagwa will tomorrow leave for an official State visit to Abu Dhabi, United Emirates. While the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting did not reveal the visit’s agenda, Jonathan Moyo says Mnangagwa is seeking financial assistance. Writing on Twitter, the former Higher Education Minister said Mnangagwa’s trip to Abu Dhabi has been on […]

“Bring It On”, Jonathan Moyo Responds To Extradition Threat From Government

Following the threat to have him extradited to Zimbabwe, Professor Jonathan Moyo has responded that he’s not afraid of any effort to extradite him: BRING IT ON. Extradition is a legal & not diplomatic process. It would be great to tell the world via an impartial court why & how I LAWFULLY fled Zim! The […]

Jonathan Moyo Faces Possible Rendition To Zimbabwe & Seizure Of Property

The government is set to invoke the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Amendment Act to seize properties of individuals who skip the country to avoid trial over corruption allegations. This was revealed by the head of the Special Anti-Corruption Unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet (SACU) Tabani Mpofu. Said Mpofu: We […]

Jonathan Moyo Fears Losing His Farm To Govt

Former ZANU PF politburo member and Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education, Jonathan Moyo claims that on Monday soldiers visited his farm under the guise of a ZBC news crew assessing the progress and challenges of farmers in the area. Writing on Twitter on Wednesday morning, Moyo said: Incensed by this thread exposing the recent […]

ZANU PF Will Be Dead By 2028 – Jonathan Moyo

The former Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo says that ZANU PF as a party will be dead by the year 2028. Moyo claims that there are no reformers in both the party’s Politburo and Central Committee. Writing on microblogging site Twitter on Tuesday, Moyo said: Zanu-PF will be dead by 2028. […]

Mnangagwa Reading From His Gukurahundi Script By Saying Rape Reports Were Stage-managed – Jonathan Moyo

The former Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education, Jonathan Moyo has castigated President Emmerson Mnangagwa for suggesting that reports of women being raped by soldiers during the January protests were stage-managed. Writing on social media on Monday, Moyo said: Mnangagwa has always blamed victims of his brutality as the authors of their misery. Here he […]

Jonathan Moyo Rebukes Zimpapers Senior Editor For ‘Blaming Victims’ Of Military Crackdown

Zimpapers senior editor Caesar Zvayi said that the soldier beating women in a video that went viral yesterday is actually not a soldier. The video which circulated widely yesterday, shows a soldier assaulting three women with a huge stick. It also shows two men being made to crawl on the ground on all fours to someplace. […]

Jonathan Moyo Questions Why Chiwenga Was Airlifted To South Africa Instead Of China

Former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Jonathan Moyo questioned why Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was airlifted to South Africa and not China following a medical emergency. Chiwenga was airlifted to a South African hospital on Saturday in what government sources described as a “medical emergency.” The former army general, who executed a coup that ousted […]

Mutsvangwa Suspects Jonathan Moyo Of Being Behind Twitter Account

In an interview with The Sunday Mail yesterday, Christopher Mutsvangwa dismissed a Twitter account that is purportedly posting messages in his name. He said he suspects Professor Jonathan Moyo is behind the fake micro-blogging account. Said Mutsvangwa: That account is definitely not mine; they are imposting and often abusing my name. I have seen the […]

Jonathan Moyo Says Mnangagwa’s No Show For His ‘Thank You’ Rally Shows Something Is wrong

Former cabinet minister and G40 kingpin Jonathan Moyo, who is in self-imposed exile in an unknown location, said on Saturday that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s failure to attend his ‘Thank You’ Rally in Mt Darwin shows that something is wrong. Writing on Twitter on Saturday, Moyo said: When you see George Charamba running around like this […]

Don’t Let History Judge You Harshly: Jonathan Moyo Warns Cyril Ramaphosa Concerning Approach To Zimbabwe Crisis

Former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo has pleaded with South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa to lead in condemning the situation in Zimbabwe. Moyo warned Ramaphosa that history will judge him harshly if he does not condemn the situation in Zimbabwe. Ramaphosa has not condemned the President Mnangagwa led regime but told reporters in Davos that […]

“Tuku’s influence is thin!”, Jonathan Moyo Digs In

Former ministers of Higher and Tertiary education, Jonathan Moyo, has insisted that his Tuku’s influence in producing music is thin. He also said that he makes no apology for this opinion. Earlier, Jonathan Moyo was accused of having said, in 2017, that Oliver Mtukudzi’s influence in producing music was too thin for him to deserve […]

Jonathan Moyo Referred To Mukudzi’s Influence As Too Thin In 2017

Outspoken former Higher & Tertiary Education minister in Robert Mugabe’s government, Jonathan Moyo, has been criticised for having actively blocked efforts, while he was a minister, to recognise Oliver Mtukudzi’s contribution. Social media users have recalled some May 2017 tweets which Jonathan Moyo posted referring to Oliver Mtukudzi’s music influence as too thin to deserve a University […]

Jonathan Moyo Must Stand Trial For Defaming Constantino Chiwenga- High Court

High Court judge Justice Thompson Mabhikwa ruled that former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, who was slapped with a $5 million defamation suit by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has a case to answer and must face civil trial. Chiwenga is suing Moyo over a press statement he issued in July 2017, insinuating that […]

I’m Done With Zanu PF, If I Ever Rejoin My Family Will Disown Me- Jonathan Moyo Unpacks Book “Letters To My Father”

Former Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo said he is done with Zanu PF and that if he rejoins the party his family will disown him. He said this on Twitter whilst unpacking  Letters To My Father, one of the two books that he is working on. Moyo said Letters To My Father […]

FULL TEXT: Jonathan Moyo Castigates Mnangagwa For ‘Arrogance’ And Contempt Of The People

Former Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo said that President Mnangagwa showed contempt towards the people by maintaining that the 12 January fuel hike was justified. In a series of Tweets, Moyo wrote: 1/10 The fact that you start by ARROGANTLY declaring that your midnight hike of fuel prices on 12 January WAS […]

Photo Of Mnangagwa “Performing Rituals” Photoshopped By Jonathan Moyo- Claims Mutodi

A photo of President Emmerson Mnangagwa seemingly performing rituals has gone viral on social media after it was posted on Twitter by former G40 kingpin, Jonathan Moyo. However, the Deputy Minister for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi claims that the picture was photoshopped. Said Mutodi Professor Jonathan Moyo has tweeted a photoshopped image […]

‘It’s Not Over Until It’s Over’ – Jonathan Moyo Warns Mnangagwa Backers

Former G40 kingpin Jonathan Moyo who now lives in self-imposed exile warned Justice Mayor Wadyajena that an alleged plot to dethrone President Mnangagwa is not over yet. Wadyajena said that a plot hatched by senior ZANU PF figures to impeach Mnangagwa has failed. Writing on Twitter today, Moyo said: When an insider with vested political […]

FULL TEXT: Jonathan Moyo Says Strive Masiyiwa’s Threats To Sue Him Proves That His “Revelations” Are True

1/24 It’s trite that the process to renew a mobile fone operator’s license must be as prescribed by law. It can’t be an open process subject to negotiation between the operator & the regulator as happened with #Econet & #ZanuPF when the latter needed 2013 election funds for #ZEC! 2/24 Before detailing how & why […]

Full Text: Tawanda Nyambirai Comes Out In Defence Of Strive Masiyiwa. Accuses Jonathan Moyo Of Lying

Following a Twitter thread in which Jonathan Moyo purported to expose Strive Masiyiwa for underhanded dealings with Zanu-PF in 2008, Tawanda Nyambirai has come out in defence of Masiyiwa. In a post on Facebook today, Nyambirai said Jonathan Moyo’s expose is full of lies. We publish the full text below: Human Rights Defenders, Beware of Wolves […]

Strive Masiyiwa Gave Zanu-PF USD 45 Million For Army Supplies In 2008, Jonathan Moyo Claims

Exiled Former Minister in Mugabe’s government, Jonathan Moyo, has claimed that Strive Masiyiwa helped fund Zanu-PF and supplies for the army in the 2008 presidential run-off. Tweeting a thread that he said was meant to expose Masiyiwa “as a bundle of falsehoods” and a long time supporter of current president Emmerson Mnangagwa, Moyo said: The 2008 […]

FULL TEXT: Jonathan Moyo “Exposes Strive Masiyiwa As A Fraud And Hypocrite” On Twitter As Cyberwar Rages On

Today, Jonathan Moyo posted what he referred to as an expose on Strive Masiyiwa on Twitter. Below is the thread of 24 tweets: 1/24 The self-righteous outburst by #StriveMasiyiwa, supported by his fellow bible-quoting juntapreneurs, in response to a polite & genuine concern by @dewamavhinga reveals he holds himself as an untouchable who is beyond […]

Jonathan Moyo Promises To Expose Masiyiwa’s ‘Hypocrisy’ Today

Former G40 kingpin and cabinet minister in Robert Mugabe’s administration Professor Jonathan Moyo says that he will expose Econet founder Strive Masiyiwa today. There has been a war of words on social media between the two since last week after a tweet by Masiyiwa’s wife did not go down well with human rights activists. While […]

Strive Masiyiwa Lists Six ‘Crimes’ Committed By Jonathan Moyo As War Of Words Continues

Econet founder Strive Masiyiwa has continued with his war of words with former G40 kingpin. Below is a full charge of the crimes he alleges were committed by Jonathan Moyo: Econet Boss Strive Masiyiwa has written down a full charge sheet of the crimes that exiled former G40 Kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo committed. Below is […]

“You’re A Stinking Hypocrite” – Jonathan Moyo Responds To Strive Masiyiwa

Jonathan Moyo has called Zimbabwean billionaire Strive Masiyiwa a “lumpen democrat and a stinking hypocrite”. He was responding to comments by Masiyiwa on Facebook where he said that Moyo had been involved in the shutting down of Masiyiwa’s newspaper. Said Moyo: Strive, you’re a lumpen democrat & a stinking hypocrite. You claim not to read […]

Strive Masiyiwa Reminds Jonathan Moyo Of His Role In Shutting Down Daily News, Sarcastically Calls Him ‘Champion Of Democracy’

Business Mogul Strive Masiyiwa has hit back at former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo as their cyber war continues unabated. His wife, Tsitsi Masiyiwa reportedly closed her Twitter account as a result of cyber-bullying. In an apparent reference to Jonathan Moyo, Masiyiwa had this to say: One former Minister [now a champion of democracy] was involved […]

Strive Masiyiwa’s Comments “Shocking, Outrageous & Nauseating”, Jonathan Moyo Weighs In Tsitsi Masiyiwa Cyberbullying

Following Strive Masiyiwa’s comment on Facebook yesterday on the alleged cyberbullying that saw his wife shut down her Twitter account, he has been criticised of himself cyberbullying others on Twitter. Prominent and outspoken former cabinet minister, Jonathan Moyo, said that Strive Masiyiwa’s accusations against Dewa Mavhinga were shocking and outrageous. Said Moyo: One need not hold […]

Jonathan Moyo Dismisses Oppah Muchinguri’s Claim Mugabe Seized Her Book On Tongogara’s Death

Speaking on Twitter, former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo dismissed Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri’s claim that former President Robert Mugabe confiscated a book detailing the circumstances surrounding the death of the late Zimbabwe National Liberation Army (Zanla) commander, General Josiah Magama Tongogara. Moyo said Muchinguri-Kashiri claim to have written a book is fake because she cannot […]

Zim Government Introduces Innovation Hubs At 6 Universities. Jonathan Moyo Comments

The Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development is introducing Innovation Hubs at some of its universities. According to the government, the goal is to develop a new economy driven by science and technology: Said the Information Ministry in tweets today: The Min of Higher & Tertiary Education & Science & Technology Dvpt […]

Motlanthe Commissioners Pocketed $150 000 Each – Jonathan Moyo

Former Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education Professor Jonathan sensationally claimed that each member of the Motlanthe Commission received $150 000. This revelation if true, will not go down well with members of the public who have had to endure the austerity measures imposed by the government. Moreover, the report by the Commission has been […]

Motlanthe Commission Danced Naked In The Dark With smoke And Mirrors – Jonathan Moyo

Former Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo has chided the Motlanthe Commission for lacking the courage to deal fairly with the August 1 shootings probe. Six people were shot and killed while more than thirty-five others were injured when soldiers opened fire on protestors in Central Harare. The international outcry over the incident forced President […]

‘Murirwa Shamelessly Told Shameful Lies In Parliament’, Jonathan Moyo Denies That He Abused STEM Funds

Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo refuted statements made by the Minister Of Higher and Tertiary Education Amon Murwira that the STEM initiative was discontinued because of the abuse of funds. Moyo said Murwira lied. Moyo had this to say Murirwa shamelessly told shameful lies in Parliament yesterday Re: the A-Level Stem Scholarship Initiative launched in […]

Endorsing Presidential Candidates 4 Years Before Elections Causes Coups: Jonathan Moyo On Mnangagwa 2023 Presidential Candidate Endorsements

Former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has said endorsing presidential candidates four years before elections causes coups. Speaking on Twitter, Moyo said during former President Robert Mugabe’s days presidential candidate endorsements would be made days before an election. Moyo was reacting to news the Zanu-PF Women’s league had also endorsed President Mnangagwa […]

Hiding Motlanthe Commission Report Typical Gukurahundi Strategy: Jonathan Moyo

A former cabinet minister in Robert Mugabe’s administration and exiled G40 kingpin, Jonathan Moyo, said that hiding the Motlanthe Commission report from the public would be a typical strategy of Gukurahundists. Moyo has added his voice to a chorus of political leaders who have condemned the utterances attributed to President Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba. Charamba told […]

Mugabe Was Warned Of Imminent Coup, Ignored: Jonathan Moyo

Former Higher and Tertiary Education minister in former President Mugabe’s cabinet, Jonathan Moyo, claims that Mugabe ignored coup warnings. He says that Mugabe trusted Mnangagwa and Chiwenga so much that he believed that they would never betray him. Mugabe fired his then Vice President Mnangagwa in November 2017 who immediately fled into exile. Soon after […]

Jonathan Moyo Mocks Mnangagwa’s Intentions To Formally Recognize Nelson Chamisa

Former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has mocked President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s intention to formally recognize the leader of the opposition, saying the model adopted from the commonwealth is anchored on the supremacy of parliament which is different from Zimbabwe where the constitution reigns supreme. Moyo threw the Jibe in response to President Mnangagwa’s utterances  United […]

NPF Spokesperson Claims Jonathan Moyo Wanted To Loot Money From Mugabes Using NPF, Denies That Grace Wanted To Be VP

National Patriotic Front (NPF) spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire has denied dismissed Jonathan Moyo’s claims that former first lady Grace Mugabe wanted to lead the NPF project. Mawarire who has in the past acted as former President Robert Mugabe’s liaison with media organisations said that the Mugabe’s had never wanted to be part of the NPF and […]

Jonathan Moyo Warns New Finance Minister About Announcing Unapproved Plans, Advises Him To Join Zanu-PF

Exiled former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has advised new Minister of Finance, Professor Mthuli Ncube to join the ruling Zanu-PF party in order to get political clout. He also advised him not to announce his plans until they have been approved by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF. Writing on Twitter, Moyo said, ShareWhatsAppFacebookTwitter

Grace Blocked Me When I Spoke Against Her Wish To Lead NPF, Be Vice President Of Opposition Coalition – Jonathan Moyo

  Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has claimed that former first lady Grace Mugabe blocked him from all forms of communication after he spoke out against her wish of leading the National Patriotic Front. Moyo also said that Grace wanted to become the Vice President of the proposed grand coalition of opposition supporters. In a […]

Grace Should Not Tell People To Accept Mnangagwa And Move On Simply Because He Hired A “Fancy Private Plane” For Her – Jonathan Moyo

Exiled former cabinet minister and alleged G40 kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo has attacked his former ally, former first lady Grace Mugabe. Moyo said that Grace should not tell the rest of the people to accept President Emmerson Mnangagwa and to move on simply because she is benefiting from Mnangagwa’s rule. Grace and her husband former […]

Forget About Reforms, What Is Needed Is A Revolution: Jonathan Moyo

  Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has said that it is useless to continue calling for reforms as the ruling Zanu-PF party will never reform from within or from outside. Moyo goes on to stay what is needed is a revolution considering that Nelson Chamisa won well over 2 million votes in the presidential election. […]

I’m Not MDC And I’m Not Chamisa’s Advisor – Jonathan Moyo

  Exiled former cabinet minister and G40 Faction kingpin, Jonathan Moyo has refuted allegations made by the state-owned Sunday Mail that he has been advising Nelson Chamisa. Moyo said that had he been Chamisa’s lawyer, he would have advised him to stay the course as more than 2.6 million had voted for him. Writing on […]

A Govt That Deploys Soldiers To Kill Civilians Deserves Sanctions! – Jonathan Moyo

  Exiled former cabinet minister and G40 Faction kingpin, Jonathan Moyo has called on the international community to impose sanctions on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. Moyo said the sanctions should be levied following the deaths of at least 6 people who died after soldiers used live bullets on protesting opposition supporters. Moyo who is a […]

Jonathan Moyo’s Letter On Why Matabeleland Should Vote For Chamisa Tomorrow

Mthwakazi Omuhle, VOTE FOR NELSON CHAMISA FOR MATABELENAD TO HAVE GOOD HOPE, AGAIN, AFTER 38 YEARS OF FEAR It is with profound frustration that I’m compelled to write to you this letter from exile because of unfortunate circumstances surrounding the unprecedented Army attack on my home when General Constantino Chiwenga sent more than 25 heavily […]

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador To Russia Responsible For Itai Dzamara’s Abduction & Torture: Jonathan Moyo

In a series of tweets, exiled Higher Tertiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said revealed that Zimbabwe’s Ambassador Retired Brigadier General Mike Sango (pictured below) is responsible for the abduction and torture of Itai Dzamara. Dzamara was abducted on 9th of March three years ago after he was abducted by as yet to be identified people. […]

I Was Never Allies With Mnangagwa Because Of Gukurahundi: Jonathan Moyo

Exiled former cabinet minister and G40 Faction kingpin, Jonathan Moyo has claimed that he was never allies with  President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Despite the fact that Moyo was part of the Tsholotsho Declaration, Moyo says that there has always been mutual contempt between him and Mnangagwa because of the Gukurahundi massacres. Writing on Twitter, Moyo said, […]

Zec Denies Jonathan Moyo’s Claims It Is Helping Zanu-PF Rig 2018 Elections

In a statement yesterday, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) denied Professor Jonathan Moyo’s claim that it has already availed a physical copy of the voters’ roll to Zanu-PF. Zec said it is in the second round of de-deplication exercise of the voters’ roll to deal with people who registered during inspection of the BVR. Said Zec; […]

Grace Taking Over As NPF Leader Would Be An Unmitigated Disaster: Jonathan Moyo

Exiled former cabinet minister and G40 Faction kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo has said that if former first lady Grace Mugabe takes over the opposition National Patriotic Front (NPF) it would be an unmitigated disaster. This comes after the NPF fired its founding leader Ambrose Mutinhiri on allegations of incompetence. Moyo admitted that he has no […]

Kasukuwere Speaks On Jonathan Moyo And Zhuwao’s Allegations

Former Zanu-PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere has revealed why he did not respond to allegations by Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao that he was working with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to derail the National Patriotic Front (NPF). He said not everything is worth responding to and added that he returned home because of personal […]

Patrick Zhuwao Apologises To NPF For Leaked Conversation With Jonathan Moyo

Exiled former Zanu-PF member, Patrick Zhuwao, has apologised for the conversation he had with Jonathan Moyo which leaked online supposedly accidentally via Twitter lives-streaming. Said Zhuwao in an opinion article posted online: “I take responsibility for initiating the conversation. I am sorry for everything that has transpired as a result. The live broadcast has resulted in people […]

Mawarire Reacts Angrily To Theft Accusations By Jonathan Moyo. Calls Him “bloody liar and petty thief.”

After being labelled a thief in a leaked video conversation between Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao, Jealousy Mawarire reacted angrily on Twitter. Mawarire hurled insults at Jonathan Moyo in a series of tweets, calling him names. @ProfJNMoyo has just finished himself. The most ironic thing is that an unrepented petty thief, who even stole money […]

Videos: Jonathan Moyo Accuses Mugabe Party Spokesperson Of Stealing Money Meant For T-shirts

Videos of Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao walking around in Nairobi, Kenya have leaked. The two are discussing the turmoil in National Patriotic Front (NPF). Moyo says NPF spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire stole money for 10,000 NPF T-shirts that was donated by Grace Mugabe and that he (Mawarire) is not trusted in party. Below are the videos: […]

Mugabe Can Remove ED By Rallying Opposition Forces Like What Happened In Malaysia: Jonathan Moyo

Exiled G40 Faction kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo has urged former president Robert Mugabe to support a grand coalition of opposition parties in order to remove President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Moyo Said that this would cure the coup and compared this with what happened in Malaysia. Writing on Twitter, Moyo said That if 92-year old Mahathir (Mahomed) […]

Kasukuwere Responds To Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao’s Accusations

Saviour Kasukuwere has responded to accusations made by Patrick Zhuwao that he has been negotiating with President Emmerson Mnangagwa for a safe return to Zimbabwe. Zhuwao has accused Kasukuwere of working with Mnangagwa to establish the ZNPF to derail the Robert Mugabe endorsed National Patriotic Front (NPF). Also Read: Zhuwao Throws Kasukuwere Under The Bus, Saying […]

Kasukuwere Has Been Negotiating With The Military To Return – Jonathan Moyo

Exiled G40 mastermind Professor Jonathan Moyo has claimed that his former G40 colleague, Saviour Kasukuwere has been negotiating with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to return home. According to Moyo, Kasukuwere has been locked in negotiations for the past five months with Mnangagwa, Vice President, General (retired) Constantino Chiwenga and Isaac Moyo, the director of the Central […]

Temba Mliswa Is A Jonathan Moyo In The Making, He Has Infiltrated Zanu-PF Says Defeated Mutsvangwa

Special Advisor to President Emmerson Mnangagwa Christopher Mutsvangwa has attacked Temba Mliswa blaming him for his election loss in the Zanu-PF primary elections. Mutsvangwa who was defeated in the Norton primaries by Langton Mutendereki has blamed incumbent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa for his loss accusing him of having infiltrated the ruling Zanu-PF party. According to […]

Chiwenga Kidnapped Opposition Activists And Paid Them To March Against Mugabe: Jonathan Moyo

In an opinion piece published in the Zimbabwe Independent, former Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo claims soldiers led by Constantino Chiwenga kidnapped key opposition and civil society activists and gave them money to mobilise their supporters to march against former President Robert Mugabe. Below is an excerpt from Moyo’s opinion piece in the Zimbabwe […]