Harare City Council Adjusts Parking Fines

Harare City Council has bowed down to pressure from motorists following an uproar over the US$132 fine the local authority was charging for failing to pay parking fees on time.

Last week, the council’s subsidiary, City Parking, deployed its marshals who were clamping all vehicles whose owners were delaying paying US$1 parking fees.

Motorists who delayed paying the US$1 parking fees were fined US$132 for their vehicles to be unclamped.

Addressing council officials on Monday, 13 March, Harare mayor Jacob Mafume said motorists who delay paying parking fees by two hours will be allowed to pay. NewsDay quoted Mafume as saying:

We have developed a protocol that a motorist first pays US$1. However, because of delays of two hours, the motorist will be allowed to pay for the arrears ticket.

Those motorists with large sums of arrears are the ones to be clamped for failure to pay the stipulated (fee).

We delayed the implementation of towing-away and storage charges. The ticket was US$229 for towing and storage on the same day.

If a vehicle is clamped, a person is given time to pay for the offence before clamping and towing charges can begin to operate.

Our fines are US$50, and clamping charges US$65, which sum up to US$132 after value-added tax.

We will delay the implementation of the clamping charges so that if you pay your fine within the stipulated period, then the charge for the clamping will not accrue, hence reducing the fine significantly.

We need to increase our payment system so that people can pay on the EcoCash platform and other service providers and also our WhatsApp chatbot.

Mafume reminded Harare motorists that stepping on white lines, double parking and wrong parking, are traffic offences.

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10 comments on “Harare City Council Adjusts Parking Fines

  1. The fines are too exorbitant if you calculate a days hours is almost 8hours and that means if you pay every day’s hour the cost is $8 , so i wonder how they end up having clamping fees which is so much, maybe if they had put it on $20 they would still have make profit again and people would pay it easier than what has been happening now whereby the parking clamping and towing marshals were making money thru slashing the money into their pockets by arm twisting the customer to pay bribe for release before the car is put into their central stored.They must slash this clamping charges they are still too high to the general public.

  2. These fines are way out of reach for most people. Those fixing cars in streets,cars that have been parked for ages in some streets and mushika shikas don’t seem affected by these towing.

  3. As long as these figures are still in place it only but makes corruption rife, no one wants to go the hard route and as such marshals will clamp vehicles to corner motorist into choosing btwn 135 & $20 that will go into therr pockets

  4. The councilors who are approving these punitive measures must all be voted out.They want us to vote for them so that they punish us

  5. Why does the mayor and his councillors refuse to head the cry of the people? People hv voiced their concerns and you are stiff necked in your response.
    I shudder to think, what more when you are in Government???

    1. “The people” who are crying also endanger others. Your question demonstrates why we need clamping at all. Just don’t behave like a self-centred imbecile, park lawfully, pay for that parking space, pay on time and there will be no need for “crying”.

  6. This is day light robbery. What makes up this whole total to get to $132. You can’t expect us to stay quiet with this corruption and unscrupulous measures being put to enrich the people in town. This is unacceptable.

  7. These guys are now robbing people. Firstly when you jump out of your car to pay the marshal they’re not anywer close.the moment you take 10steps from your car looking for the marshal u come back with the clamp already on your vehicle as if they play hide n sick with clients.
    Secondly it’s true this is just fueling corruption cz obviously no-one wld opt to pay the $132 its just a lot paying the marshal quater of the money wld be the way out.
    I still feel the fine needs to be reviewed a bit to a lower figure

  8. The once introduced an issue of using ecocash for self customer service, only to find out that when your payment deducts from your account, you will still be found with an area. If towing can cost more than ten dollars which might have been pegged to cover the service, how much are they going to loose if they don’t catch a victim on the day? They are real tape worms because sometimes you can move around looking fir the marshal, only to find out that he doesn’t stay on one place not only because they are under staffed but to make sure you will be clamped on your roaming.

    Zimbabwe is just full of witches especially from this department, shit mhani, no difference with police nxaaaaaa..

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