“South Africans Will Start Looking For Jobs In Zimbabwe”

Luke Dzviti, the chairperson of the Zimbabwe Immigration Federation, has said South Africa will be worse than Zimbabwe in a few years it won’t be surprising to see South Africans looking for jobs north of the Limpopo river.

He said South Africa is collapsing at a faster rate and would be worse than its neighbour soon. 

In a video posted on Twitter, Dzviti said:

South Africa is slowly heading the Zimbabwe way. At this rate, I think South Africa will be worse than Zimbabwe in a few years. And it won’t be surprising to see South Africans crossing the Limpopo River going to look for alternative jobs or food from Zimbabwe.

You see what’s more disturbing is that the food prices have gone so high and most people cannot afford to eat normal food the way we were doing about five years ago. The price of bread, the price of cooking oil most ladies are always complaining about the price of cooking oil which has gone up by double the amount. What is happening is not only painful by scary.

At this rate it’s unknown what the price of food will be like by this time next year when fuel price especially is going up by R2 – R3 at any given moment but salaries are not going up at the same rate.

South Africa is home to thousands of Zimbabweans and citizens of other countries who went there as economic refugees.

Its economy has, however, been stagnant for years amid fears it could be worse.

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6 comments on ““South Africans Will Start Looking For Jobs In Zimbabwe”

  1. You are dreaming. South Africans wont look forjobs in Zimbabwe. Its in their nature not to work.

  2. Its women that will come 1st through marriage,followed by sisters,then brothers and the rest of RSA men.The same Industries making ends meet in RSA were in Zim during aparthied,relocated from 94 onwards when Mandela got in power,the same firms are slowly being rebranded in Zambia & eventualy settle in Zim once the economic enviroment is approved for investments.Those who will migrate are the ones who will successful in RSA coz of exposure and realising opportunities which still exists.Every African state will cross this economic river which Zim is in & RSA Yet to cross.We used to watch Mozambique,Zambia,DRC, on UN Documantaries in a situation we are today not knowing that 15years down the line we will have doubled their problems,as for west Africa african movies exposed us on their currencies which were 100times behind the zim $ including life style ,but today Nigeria is way ahead of Zimbabwe by far.Disadvantage black southAfricans have is,they were not taught how to fish & this will expose them bigtime.Malema is actualy reminding them today as they laugh but soon or latter,they will catch up harshly and like to kill each other after looting those farms,mines industries and low density homes.

  3. Proberbly so , but we Aouth Afracans will stand up for this situation
    And you will see us coming to the top instead.

  4. I say dream on. You forget South Africa is a Democracy and is not fighting with the West, unlike Zimbabwe. South Africa’s only problem is crime and corruption. Their institutions are still strong to deal with these problems compared to Zimbabwe. Zim has serious political and governance problems, which Mzansi doesn’t have. This is on top of ZANU linked corruption and crime. To sort out the politics in Zimbabwe, people will have to die.

  5. You are so wrong. South Africans will not going to allow political criminals to do as they wish. We love our country more than you can ever think weather is poor or rich.

    God has blessed South Africa so much and politicians thought they could destroy it but they keep on failing everytime. South Africans have been facing alot of challenges, tribulations etc but we never loss hope, we keep holding on. One thing that Zimbabweans must learn from South Africa is don’t trust anyone they won’t help you.


  6. What happened to Babylonia?
    The beautiful City, the same God that established it, demolished it though, don’t fool yourself South Africans, mines are closing now, electricity issues increase.
    What flys high, always come down

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