“No Constituency Already Belongs To ZANU-PF” – Mahere

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, has said there is no constituency that already belongs to the ruling ZANU-PF.

Mahere made the remarks during a press conference in Harare last Wednesday where she said her party would win resoundingly in the 2023 elections. Open Parly cites her as saying:  

As the CCC we are not taking any voter or constituency for granted.

We do not accept that there is a constituency that already belongs to Zanu-PF.

We are going to make sure that we leave no stone unturned mobilizing and campaigning even in the deepest, furthest rural parts of Zimbabwe.

We are going to make sure we mobilize in every street, every town, every village and province in Zimbabwe. This is something that started eight months ago, when President Nelson Chamisa launched the Mugwazo campaign.

Mugwazo is a nationwide campaign where the party is recruiting members and encourages people to register to vote. Added Mahere:

Our goal is to win big this year and part of that goal includes ensuring that we have a landslide with the presidential election, a two-thirds majority in parliament, clean sweeps in urban municipalities and also a majority in our rural district councils.

Currently, the ruling ZANU-PF holds a two-thirds majority in parliament with the opposition dominating in urban local councils.

ZANU PF has since 1980 dominated in rural areas where government critics say the electorate is either illiterate or is being intimidated to vote for the ruling party.

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One Comment on ““No Constituency Already Belongs To ZANU-PF” – Mahere

  1. fadzie am not staying in zimbabwe my views ( i hope,trust and belief) are not protest views but a bit objective, one day zanu has rigged election through delimitation process, today no ward belongs to zanu or any party, are you sure can get diaspora vote by this kind of posturing, by any means diaspora voter will never be emotional about issues that matter, have a clear message standpoint, you are actually helping those you say will rig elections, either you are confusing or you are confused with what really your national issues position is, this is far above student politics

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