Operation Dudula Demonstrate At Pretoria High Court Over Zimbabwe Permit Extension

Members of Operation Dudula, a South African anti-foreigner, anti-illegal immigration group, on Monday demonstrated outside the Pretoria High Court, opposing the Zimbabwe exemption permit (ZEP) extension.

They sang and marched outside the high court leading to the closure of a section of Madiba Street.

TimesLive quoted national deputy chairperson of Operation Dudula Dan Radebe as saying:

We are here to demonstrate our dissatisfaction with the extensions of ZEPs because the moment you extend it for another six months, it means you are saying to South Africans, they have become accustomed to poverty, so they can hold on for another six months, while these foreigners take South African jobs and things like that.

We are here to demonstrate to the court that we are not happy with the extension of the ZEP, and this is not limited to the ZEP.

Today is also about us applying to be part of the proceedings.

Operation Dudula wants to join a court application by the Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF) that seeks a review of the lawfulness of the decision by SA Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi to terminate the ZEP.

HSF wants the high court in Pretoria to declare the decision by Motsoaledi to terminate the ZEP and grant a limited extension of 12 months unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid.

Motsoaledi is opposing the application by HSF challenging the termination of the ZEP.

HSF is still pursuing its legal challenge, despite Motsoaledi extending the permit by another six months from the initial 12-months extension that expired on 31 December 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Operation Dudula has applied to the court to join as a respondent in the application.

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44 comments on “Operation Dudula Demonstrate At Pretoria High Court Over Zimbabwe Permit Extension

  1. A black man is hated every where and forget about this shame movements against their own any way history is repeating itself at the republic because this is what was happening on the days to them selfs by the last apparitied regimes on the country, on it’s content and abroad so it’s its legacy 🙄

    1. U said it all my brother….Black hate black an white love an support white…. Bcoz black heart s black and white heart s white dat s why w think negative thins 2our brother and sister…. May God help us black people

      1. You guys have over stayed your welcome its time yo go home, stop complaining and go destroy you country

        1. Thanks bro.chinise ,pakistans are very okay for you. The surprise is you and me never seen whiye foreigners at bank ques, licencing
          .wven the zim people go are you going to stop unemployment ,zeno .lets think twice.Europe is full of SA house maids. Should they get chased will it nake sense. Whi are thenownet of Africa?

          1. You have said it all
            We is the problem of South Africans really foregners’ Eskimo, water, corruption, and having the highest number of South African criminals in jail , good luck

          2. Those SA maids in Europe are not illegal guys we pleading with you to respect our laws here nothing bro.

          3. Those maids you’re referring too,are they illegal in Europe. Why do you people want SA to be lawless

          1. Zep holders are not illegal too so why demonstrate against the extention when your staff can’t cope with the speed to process the new permits whose fault is that.

          1. Very true, even if it’s nut zim pipo, all bad rong n destroying of our children’s future are dere zim pipo selling drugs, let’s nut show hatred in dat Wei foreigners are nut from zim only, des Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia etc buh specifically it’s always referred to zim…..sad truth

    2. Dudula African brothers and sisters what about those from overseas they here to take money gold and go back my boss told he is moving back he got what he wanted that movement is hating davelist those African people you will need one day ?it means you not visit in Africa because you hate them

  2. Those people of dudula, where was in 1976? Apartheid killed people, in African countries that was helping ANC. Dudula was not here.

    1. What do you know about 1976 whites were killing our brothers here go man go go 2019 l was in your country came back 2020 didn’t see a bird you want to finish our birds go back

        1. Say it again man we can’t talk with Grade R or argue with a person who doesn’t have anything only he thinks about foreign instead of focus on his life and we can’t argue with a person who don’t know history

  3. Africans keep voting their greedy 🙄 presidents, they busy singing praises on their leadership and fail to fight those who are corrupt, worse cross to neighbors to commit crime and act smart. What stupid is that haaaa, clean your house black man!

    1. Say it again John only what l notice is people who didn’t go to school are the one with dirty minded even Zim people are going it’s not going to stop corruption to the country no

  4. It is a surprise that we’re expected to accommodate our African brothers who have become an asset of cheap labor whist our own South Africans are denied an opportunity to find work. Not surprised that the rich are defending them to stay because they are benefiting. You first feed your children before your neighbor. We we’re also.in exile and we knew our place. Priority was given to the nationals. Be first a south African before you become an African. Borders are here to stay whether they were created by colonial masters or not..Visit other African countries and experience their security awareness then you’ll understand that you are not an African to interfere in their affairs

    1. Lies yu guys are lazy .since the start of my business here in Rsa I tried to employ your own but shame they are constantly off duty and drunk especially after pay day.l have employed other foreign nationals they value and respect their work

      1. Thnks for be honest broe .I hve been also doing business in SA ,The citizens work as they please.It s disgusting ….u gt plan and orders for such a day ..then a number of your workers don’t show up .

      2. Zimbabweans annoy me because of their disrespect Nothing else. You can’t go to other people’s country and start insulting them by saying they are lazy. If the Zimbabweans were really hard workers, they would fight poverty and hunger in their own country and not forgetting to fix it. The fact that they accept any working condition in SA because of hunger doesn’t make them hard workers but they just don’t have any choice. South Africans have choices.

    2. Are you qualified to do the jobs. Concentrate on going to school and learning from these foreigners instead of Jealousy and evil hatred. If you you were really qualified di you think they would employ a foreigner over a local? Be careful you will be left with huge factories with no human resource. And more jobs will be lost.

  5. Its not zimbabweans who are the only problem in our country. Why dnt u guys get rid of pakistanies somalians bangladeshi and the other illegal foreigners who are party to the downfall of our economy. I support operating dudula wholeheartedly. If this ilkegals dnt go bek home. Wait after votes in 2024 theres hoin to be chaos trust me

    1. You right bru we will finish but back till our last drop you didn’t come with the land from haven dala what you must we Charos will be with our brothers

  6. Kkkkkkk,,its so sad to see how people don’t understand politics,you will all say and think the way you want but none of you has the final say.

  7. Childish and thugary thinking.
    Can anyone successfully create misunderstandings btwn said and him?
    Only criminals have that type of thinking.seek advice. You will never successfully do anything with zimbabweans in As.
    We know who is behind dudula. It sink take my word.

  8. I grew up my grandfather always saying if you’re bathing then comes the mad person took your clothes and runaway don’t chase him or her because people will think you’re the one who is crazy so fellow Africans don’t stress your self with this filthy dudula thing its water under the bridge SA is collapsing as they think they can they must be thinking about how can we help our country but busy saying foreigner’s must go they know nothing about politics they are young shame on them

  9. We should wish & develop a United States of Africa, research, trade & develop technology together to become the most powerful continent in the world

  10. We as AFRICAN we are failures ,that’s why Former Present of America G.W Bush said if you give a black man power to rule this world all living things will extinct and the world will come to an end

  11. Africa unite Africa yu forgot yu southAfrican s during apartheid regime Zimbabwe is the only country who was supplying maize with trucks for your ppl to survive now we wrong yu good we fight for your country during racism years Mugabe was bringing trucks of maize meal to southAfrican we didn’t complain?? Us Zimbabweans saying why is our mealie meal going to southAfrica we did know that we both brothers and sisters now yu burning 🔥 us your country is better God is on control

  12. Instead of lifting each other as Africans we, keep on bringing each other down, no wonder white people will never take us serious, they will always take advantage on us because of our own behaviour

  13. Operation dudula nikhumbule kunama southafricans emazweni angomakhelwan are you going to be happy Uma bezobenz same thing eniyenzayo school hospitals working places , nakhona nikwenza nokho ngoba aninabo abantu abangaphandle that is why nenza kanje stop what you are doing guys and fix your anc and select good president .

  14. South Africa is for Africa same as Zimbabwe,Nigeria,Ghana,Tanzania etc what matters is life and where to find green pastures there are South Africans in Zimbabwe and other countries lets all stand together and build our Africa.Africans have played a big in South Africa to be where it is now and you can’t kick them out

  15. The reason behind poverty in SA mainly is not the infiltration of foreign nationals legal or illegal.
    The move by the government to rander essential services for free brought about lack of interest by the nationals to go out and seek employment offering minimum wage salaries. They saw no need to work and they survived.. Other economic factors came to play and raised the standard of living and the cost is overbearing and all of a sudden its Zimbabweans to blame. No man can value what they do not labour for. Hence we have pple occupying houses once owned by whites for free and connecting electricity illegally. And foreigners get blamed.
    The issue of illegal foreigners is a legit concern and the security of border control should be held accountable because no one is safe nationals or foreigners.. There must be proper regulations put in place to allow people contributing to the growth of the SA economy to enter the boarder at a fee and return to their countries ofternly.. Because regardless of how much foreign nationals come in the restrictions make it difficult to go back to their countries willingly.

    SA economy grows as much as their boarders are open to traders and to scarce skilled workers and South Africans should be placed first at Jobs. Because if the shoe was on the other foot one would understand where they are coming from.

  16. Does those disparaging as operation dudula understand the constitution of South Africa? What about the fundamental rights of those being murdered in cold blood for crossing the border into SA? It has escalated to the extent where those holding positions of power can denie fellow human beings essential services on grounds of nationality. Do you not see that your problems as a nation are much bigger than you would like to believe? Yes the Zimbabwean is an easy target owing to a non caring, oppressive, self imposing government back home and the need to make ends meet, but common sense should tell you that bashing a brother because he is defenseless is not the solution here. Rather follow proper channels to have your concerns addressed, but most importantly, do something about the real problem at hand. History is going to judge wrong because after it’s all said and done, a lot of foreign nationals dead at your hands and the remaining having retreated from the confines of your precious country, your own wors will still persist at a tremendous rate because you gave the wrong diagnosis and wasted precious time bucking at the wrong tree. Way to go dudula, you’re doing a great job.

  17. Africans love to blame others for their failures. Almost all the countries in the continent of Africa had got their ‘ liberation’ or ‘freedom’ but still people don’t have a clue how to use it. They still have that backward mind that they can run from their troubles which they themselves caused blaming the past, which never helps anyway. Africans start to focus on your countries and developed them God gave us brains to think ask Him for help, human help doesn’t do anything. Stop listening to politicians who spew lies on poor people, you can make your governments succeed with your talents create jobs and so forth. Running from troubles back home to other countries will increase even worse trouble.

    START TO USE YOUR BRAINS AFRICANS, DON’T BE LAZY TO THINK. STOP BEING BACKWARD PEOPLE always looking to benefit on others economic success.

    It has been hard for this continent during slavery and colonization BUT its not an excuse to dwell on it. It is time to move on forget about the liberation struggle it showed that what we fought for was in vain, look at those liberals in power now they created poverty, corruption, looting, murders so on.

    Do it for generation to come, God always shows us the way to go but we Africans we don’t listen we disappoint Him. Always listening to politicians which people made them their gods. Stop following them they’ll take you to the abyss.

    Start now Africans to have creative minds that will make this continent to prosper, look at all the wonderful land we have we dont have to destroy it. It gives us food and water to drink, protect the wild animals in our national parks keep it clean always in our living places, streets and so forth.

    As Wiseman said ‘ Minerals must be exchanged with technology, when Europe, America and China want our diamond and gold they must give us technology because that will create jobs here, Not Money because that is one which causes all this corruption.

    1. I hear you Soldier but nayi imfihlo that most Africans are running away from…people rejected their Spirituality and turned a blind eyes that even the creator himself does exist.
      Africans dont know themselves they believe that politics is going to solve the issues that afe arising in their countries but thats the thing the political system was brought by the west and they told us that our african ways had no order ,there ! We lost it we even turned against our ancestors and we rejected those who were sent to our nations to look after us like Imboni Igogo,Itola abayibona ababethunywe ngumdali to fix isizwe somuntu onsundu, the moment we rejected them our ancestors and even the creator himself turned his back on africans because umuntu omnyama ungamanzi achithekile angeke asabutheka many African indigenous sporitual leaders have tried to revive umuntu omnyama but have failed because the system has corrupted us we dont want to listen to anyone because the mindset that we have tells us that we know better and we know how to rule but the fact is we dont and where we are running to seek for help (system) it wont help us because the only solution is that umuntu omnyama kwamele abuyele kwindlela zakhe zokuphila zakdala which is his African spirituality which is what gave our existence a meaning …now we are like headless chickens we are running everywhere killing each other hating each other pointing fingures to each other but why is that ? Its because we lost all that proved that we are a nation that the creator created with love and nathi abantu abamnyama besizthanda sinenhlonipho sikholelwa kumasiko and customs zethu actually our spirituality and culture meant more to us than anything . Look at Africa today which African country has a successful political system ? None at all people are crying for their land look at the townhouses in south Africa they are being owned by Chinese companies …Victoria falls Chinese are owning a part of it where ever they go they capitalize while we are busy saying Zimbabwean go to your country Malawians, Mozambican etc what about the white person who came from England? USA? Turkey? Italy ? German? Isnt he a foreigner ? To you muntu onsundu ? You cant barge in e Sandton why? Because umuntu omhlophe nguye o owner le company oyisebenzelayo so you cant call him a foreigner? What about the land that is being taken under your watch? How are you going to retrieve that? Will you fight a chinese man? But why is it easy for you to fight a person with the same skin as you? Why because he is poor and he cant offer you anything and naye uhlala emkhukhwini? Where were you okhokho bedayisa ngezwe to the westerns ? The very same westerns that you are worshiping today ? The same people you go to lana emasontweni you pay your tithes so that they can buy Lamborghini and build huge churches for inkolo ongayazi while abandoning your own African spirituality ? Today we sing loud foreigner foreigner while we are busy helping the westerns build their legacies in their mother countries wena what have you built?

      Again my point Umuntu omnyama ungamanzi achithiwe angeke asabutheka …yes the borders must be strict they are there for a reason , people from outside must stop selling drugs and killing people and destroying the nation destroying the future of the young ones …we dont condone the bad that bad foreigners are doing law must be exercised but why should you blame everyone for certain people’s sins? Will you like to be prisoned for your father’s sins? Think again.
      African Spirituality is the way to fix all the calamities that are happening in africa

  18. Well I hear u all but this is all economics l,look at the export data it will tell u alot trust me as African start moving back to their countries and building their economies all those factories producing goods for export will be closed as demand dries up from neighbouring countries. South Africa currently has the worst loadshedding u think all these industries won’t start relocating. I think we need to remember the spirit of Ubuntu which our forefathers taught us. Before bashing heads let’s start talking about an end to unproductive selfish politics to the benefit of all Africans.

  19. Wow the people of South Africa instead of fighting corruption like those people in parliament they steal millions and billions but nothing is said about but the Zim people how much do the steal or earn a month what a stupid country.

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