Newly-elected ANC Secretary-general Speaks On Relations With ZANU PF

The newly-elected secretary-general of South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), Fikile Mbalula, has said they will intensify assisting Zimbabwe to recover from decades of economic problems.

Addressing journalists in Joburg in his briefing in his new capacity as ANC secretary-general, Mbalula said:

We must be very much concerned about what is happening in Zimbabwe, and what role we need to play. We do not subscribe to the idea of regime change in Zimbabwe.

We need to campaign very hard to get things right because Zimbabweans are coming to our country in their numbers.

Something is not right in their own country (and) we must support them. Once that country becomes what it was, there will be no Zimbabwean here.

So, the British must think very hard about what they have done, and the Americans. They must uplift the sanctions so that Zimbabwe can grow.

Mbalula urged the British government to honour a promise it reportedly made to Zimbabwe to compensate white farmers whose land was expropriated for redistribution to landless black about two decades ago. He said:

The British know what they agreed on in Lancaster. They must come to the party, and invest in the compensation of Zimbabwe in the programme of land redistribution.

The 40 or something billion pounds they promised Mugabe and ZANU PF, they must come to the party and not use the land reform programme of ZANU PF as a scapegoat and run away.

They must come to the party, and Zimbabwe will be a better country. Zimbabweans never (used to) come into this country, which was the bread basket of the African continent. It was an economy that was alive, people were working in Zimbabwe.

Now you have Zimbabweans crossing (into South Africa), facing life and death … coming into our country because there is no life. Life is here in South Africa and that has burdened our economy.

As the ANC we will not agree in ideological terms, that Zimbabwe must be turned into a client State, next to us. So, we need to get that right.

We need to campaign for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara, and the Cuban people.


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3 comments on “Newly-elected ANC Secretary-general Speaks On Relations With ZANU PF

  1. Zanu ad ANC are brothers in looting. They have respectively looted Zim and South Africa to the core. Look at the electricity problems in both countries. Mbalula should be ashamed of choosing to lie that Zimbabwe’s problems are coming from sanctions when in actual fact its corruption and looting. These liberation parties should be voted out they are now clueless and corrupt.

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