Don’t Be Complicated, Be Simplistic, Mudzuri Tells Mthuli

The Senator for Harare Province Elias Mudzuri (MDC Alliance) has challenged Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube to be simplistic in his currency reforms to avoid intimidating members of the public.

Speaking in the Senate, Mudzuri also called upon Ncube to desist from coming up with measures meant to cheat the elderly and those who do not understand certain academic terms.

The Government is set to introduce gold coins on 25 July to take the role of a store of value which was being played by US dollars. Said Mudzuri:

The common man cannot work on a gold coin which they are suggesting you will only get a certificate.

You get a gold coin then you get a certificate. You move around with that certificate as money.

You do not move with a coin as you do with your 25 cents; you move with a certificate with the number of your coins and the money is reserved in the bank.

How do you expect someone out there to understand that this is their currency?

Let us not be complicated, let us be simplistic and ensure that a currency is used as a method of transaction rather than a method of cheating our own elders and those who might not understand the academic meaning of certain terms.

Mudzuri added that Zimbabweans should continue asking Ncube whether the country will continue using the Zimdollar or adopt a currency that is accepted by all people. He said:

I had to complain first because I think some of these suggestions must be made to be understood by the Minister of Finance.

We should continue asking him to answer this question on whether we are going to continue with runaway RTGs. Or we should suggest something that works for the common man.

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4 comments on “Don’t Be Complicated, Be Simplistic, Mudzuri Tells Mthuli

  1. Gold Coins for the “people” of Zimbabwe – a ruse, a lie, propoganda, eventually a dead rat.

  2. This guy, Mthuli Ncube, is simply experimenting with our lives, and in turn with the future of our children. Why can’t he simply listen to the voice. of reason and do what the nation wants and ditch this arrogant attitude that he has adopted. All we are simply asking for is food on the table and shoes on our children’s feet, and that can only be achieved if Mthuli swallows his pride and does the right thing

  3. @Don , what right thing. Guys as Zimbabweans we are also contributing in our demise, in our problems. For how long will we continue hanging ourselves as a show of our dissatisfaction. Let us not gamble with our lives and future of our children and grand children. The whole world is drifting away from this USD$ syndrome, yet Zimbabweans are digging themselves into the sinking ship. Mina personally I do not subscribe to this notion of demeaning our currency in favor of a foreign currency.

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