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5 comments on “NSSA To Award Pensioners Once-off $10 000 Grocery Allowance

  1. What about those people, the beneficiaries of the late members being paid through POSB about 2000 dollars , at times 3000 or lesser per month . Is it sufficient enough for them especially with the high costs of living .it Can only buy a 2 litres of oil and that’s it .

  2. Some of us were getting marooned usd 200 but now getting the same with everyone
    We were paying more in terms of contributions and expected to be paid more. But it’s not the issue no now. Can you explain the rationale of making everyone earn the same when we contributed different anonts during our working days.

  3. How does a minimum of US$70 translate to just ZWL9000, at what official rate? This is all lies. We were the highest contributors to NSSA right from its inception but still get a pittance equivalent to less than US30 at today’s rate..

  4. Before 2019 used t get 200usd pe month now l am getting 9000rtgs please can u explain lent understand

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