Chamisa Calls For “Pre-Elections Pact On Reform” With ZANU PF

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has expressed his readiness to concede defeat in the 2023 harmonised elections provided they are free and fair and has called for what he calls a Pre-Elections Pact on Reforms (PREPARE).

Chamisa has hitherto refused to accept President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory in the 2018 elections which was soured by the killing of six unarmed civilians by soldiers in central Harare after MDC Alliance supporters protested against alleged vote-rigging.

Posting on Twitter, Chamisa called for dialogue with the ruling ZANU PF to come up with an elections roadmap to avoid another disputed outcome in 2023. He said:

It’s about 60 weeks to the 2023 general election. Any dialogue must be about reforms & the road to 2023, not a GNU. As Zimbabweans, we must find each other to avoid yet another disputed election & all its undesired consequences. We need a Pre-Elections Pact on Reforms (PREPARE).

Whoever Wins an undisputed mandate in 2023 must then unite the nation, form a credible inclusive Team ZIMBABWE & deliver prosperity and happiness.

Chamisa said the five years after the next elections should be about nation-building and the transformation of the economy, instead of unending politicking.

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5 comments on “Chamisa Calls For “Pre-Elections Pact On Reform” With ZANU PF

  1. Babamunini manje mabwereketa, but dont forget to also be ready to talk to dhaghi, that will give you a lot of respect especially from swing vote who dont buy slogans but deeds and intentions, you need everyone including zanu members who need change for one reason or another

  2. Uqinisile. Andiboni oku rongo ngale proposal. Those who believe in “winning” through hook and crook are the only ones who can refuse such a fair proposal.

  3. There seems to be little, or nothing at all, in place to prevent, let alone stop, rigging! Perhaps that should’ve been the priorities for Nelson Chamisa, rather than his going it alone? Maybe a bit more focus on this will help, as well as a united opposition…

  4. ZPF won’t reform anything on that side, unless it works for them! At this stage, their view will be “It ain’t broke, so don’t fix it!” The only time they’ll “reform” the electoral system is if it gives them an advantage! Maybe Cde Chamisa should focus on getting the current opposition into power, to make reform possible, come up with a plan to minimise or stop vote rigging, and work with those who genuinely want change. The results of his previous efforts, just to retain his seat, prove it’s not something he can do on his own! That one seat will change absolutely nothing for the better!

  5. The big question….Is ZanuPF prepared for real dialogue on electoral reforms, which it knows fully well if implemented absolutely and in total will see it vacating the oppressive chair it has been throttling down on the Zimbabweans…

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