WATCH: Zimbabweans Taunted ‘Amakwerekwere’ Driven Away In South Africa

A video circulating on social media has shown Zimbabweans being driven away, taunted as “amakwerekwere” and harassed in South Africa reflecting the rising anti-immigration sentiment and intense Afrophobia, public hostility and populism by political parties using immigration issues to win support. The video below was shot at a company called Ortimo Gosforth in Germiston, South Africa.


This comes as South Africa has announced that it would not extend them beyond December 31.

Millions of Zimbabweans are living and working in South Africa the majority of which does not have the required documents.

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9 comments on “WATCH: Zimbabweans Taunted ‘Amakwerekwere’ Driven Away In South Africa

  1. Zimbabwe must look after its nationals. And Zimbabweans must know that South Africa is not their country. Let us fix our economy as Zimbabweans.

    1. The State of the economy is a result of those in power. If SA and SADC support the ruling party and its oppressive governance that invite sanctions – what should be done?

  2. Zimbabweans should come home south Is for the South Africans and Zimbabwe is for the Zimbabweans, Zimbabwe helped South Africa to achieve its Freedom and now they forget,they are now chasing Zimbabwean like Monkees, Zimbabweans please come home.

      1. That is your own problem. You too dont want Ndebele people as well, because of their South African heritage. Yet you dont mind Zimbabweans of Malawian heritage who constitute most of the Zezurus.

  3. It comes back to opposition party, they just argued for nothing.
    1. The arguing chases away investors.
    2. There is no maturity,
    3. Chamisa & Mbiti they are like Mugabe
    4. Vaparidzi avo.
    5. Am surprised by their people’s attitude, you can here them saying, our youthful leader? It is nonsense how long has been in Mdc? Over 4 .
    . Achievements
    . They lost twice to Zanu pf and blame Rigging, which they clearly failed to defend in court of law, aired live to prove their unfounded allegations.
    .in Mdc A everyone calls themselves Advocate, surprisingly they lost a court case to Khupe.
    .They’re some supporters who worship Chamisa and Biti for nothing. In these past years Some supporters were teenagers now they are adults still putting hopes in none starters.
    .My advice to these supporters is; they should start focusing on their families now.
    .They must stop listening to Chamisa and Biti talking about Britain, Europe and America, why? The way these people operate is different to us Africans. They don’t hold garages, they believe in new management. I can reference Zanu pf had Mugabe for years, he did a lot of damages to Zimbabwe and its citizens. Munangagwa is a new management to them, that is why they are not bothered for now. They believe in giving chances same old party key word Under new management.
    .There is corruption everywhere, but in other countries they used some words to make it look like, there is no corruption. for example lobbying.
    Let’s all open our eyes and say Citizens first, leaders must behave mature, sit down and debate issues, they must not keep on talking of the past, learn to move.

    1. South africa biggest problem is zimbabweans ..but anc ….and its corrupt leaders ..right now they talk of not renewing permits of foreigners not because they love south africans but because elections are around the corner…the opposition is campaigning with that as well ..they will still not deliver when on top…

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