Harare Metropolitan Police Officers Code List | FULL TEXT

Below is a list of by-laws and offences that will be enforced by the Municipal Police in terms of the Urban Councils Act. 

Harare (Vendors) by-Laws SI 159 of 2014 


(1) HV14 (1) d Sell any goods or foodstuffs without a valid permit /lease agreement. (2) HV14 (1) d Sell any goods or foodstuffs at any undesignated place. (3) HV14 (1) h Sell any goods or foodstuffs in contravention of the terms and conditions attached to the permit.  

Harare Noise by-Laws SI 195 of 1973 


(4) HN 4 (b) Operate or cause /permit to make noise using any instrument for the purpose of advertising, which noise disturbs the peace and rest of the neighbourhood. 

(5) HN 4 (c) Make noise by shouting or using any instrument which noise disturbs or  Interferes with the rest and peace of any occupier of the premises in the neighbourhood. 

(6) HN 4 (e) Sound a horn, ring bell, blow a whistle, or shout at a public place for the purpose of advertising which noise causes disturbance or annoyance to the neighbourhood.  

(7) HN 4 (f) Operate, or cause or permit to be operated on any land zoned for residential purposes any power-driven grass cutting or hedge cutting machine before the hour of 8 am or between 2 pm and 4 pm or after the hour of 6 pm on any day.  

(8) HN 4 (g) Keep, or cause or permit to be kept, any bird or animal which, by reason of continued or repeated crowing, screeching, barking or whining, or of other noise or inconvenience to any occupier of premises in the neighbourhood.

Harare (Long Distance Omnibus Station) by-Laws 1984 


(9) LDOS 5(1) Fail to pay entrance fee into omnibus station. 

(10) LDOS 5(2)3 Drive bus to other than appropriate loading or offloading area. (11) LDOS 5(4) Fail to remove bus from station or after expiration of time. (12) LDOS 5(5) Park bus in station when station is closed. 

(13) LDOS 6(1)(b) Drive bus into station when ‘full’ sign is showing.  

(14) LDOS 6(1)(k) Bus enter station except by designated entry point. 

(15) LDOS 6(2) Cause or permit unauthorized motor /vehicle to enter bus station.  (16) LDOS 6(3) Leave bus station except by designated exit point. 

(17) LDOS 6(4) Refuse/fail to produce a valid road service permit. 

(18) LDOS (1)(a) Park bus outside parking bay. 

(19) LDOS (2)(b) Repair, Clean or Wash bus in station.  

(20) LDOS 7(1)(b) Park bus over-lines of a parking bay in station. 

(21) LDOS 7(10)(c) Park bus on occupied parking bay. 

(22) LDOS 7(1)(d) Park bus within a prohibited parking area. 

Harare (Anti-litter) by-Laws SI 30 of 2016. 


(23) HAL 4 (1) Deposit /abandon litter at a public place. 

(24) HAL 4 (1) Cause/permit litter to be deposited/abandoned at a public place.  

(25) HAL 7 (a) Fail to pick up litter, which in the exercise of duties has fallen at any public place. 

(26) HAL 7 (b) Fail to provide adequate number of bins in and around your area of business. 

Harare (Road Verges Maintenance) by-Laws SI 92 of 2016. 


(27) HRVM 4(1) Fail to maintain the road verges adjacent or opposite to property. 

(28) HRVM 4(2) Deposit or abandon any litter in road verges adjacent or opposite to your property. 

(29) HRVM 4(2) Caused /permit any litter to be abandoned or deposited in the road verges adjacent or opposite to your property.

(30) HRVM 4(3) Fail to maintain shrubs on the road verges adjacent or opposite your property. 

(31) HRVM 4(4) Plant or allow to be planted shrubs or tree that obstruct the traffic or any informative sign. 

(32) HRVM 4(5) Cut or permit to be cut trees outside the boundary of your property without Council authority. 

Harare (Cycle Licensing) by-Laws SI 108 of 2016 


(33) HCL 4(1) Fail to display a valid license disc/token. 

Roads and Road Traffic (Rules of Road) Regulations 1974 


(34) RRTR 20(1) II Cycle on any section of the road other than a cycle track. Chapter 289 

HARARE (Hawkers) by-Laws SI 73 of 2013 


(35) HH 3(1)a Hawking without a valid license/disc. 

(36) HH 14(2) an Obstruction of road/traffic way by a motor vehicle/pushcart. (37) HH 14(3) Park motor vehicle /pushcart within seven meters from the road. 

(38) HH 17(a) Fail to pick up litter which in the exercise of his or her business has fallen in any public place. 

(39) HH 17(b) Fail to comply with a lawful order from any authorized official. (40) HH 3(1)b Trade outside the specified area. 

(41) HH 3(1) c Trade in prohibited goods. 

(42) HH 14(1) a Hawker fail to keep moving. 

(43) HH 4(1) a Employment of people as hawkers without a valid license. (44) HH 4(2) Failure to issue employed people as hawkers with valid discs. 

Harare (Meat) by-Laws SI 37 of 2017 

(45) HM 10(b) Sell/supply/distribute uninspected and unmarked meat in the Council area. (46) HM 10(e) Slaughter any livestock in the Council area other than at an abattoir.  (47) HM 10(f) Sell game meat in the Council area without being registered by Council.  (48) HM 10(g) Transport meat using unapproved m/vehicle. 

(49) HM 10(h) Keeps/sells/handles butchers’ meat in an unapproved facility/premises/vehicle. 

Harare (Licensed Premises) by-Laws 1976 810/75 


(50) HLP Part II 6(4) Sell food produced or prepared from unlicensed premises. 

(51) HLP Part VIII 12 (8)  Throw human hair in a public place. 

(52) HLP 12(9) Perform any hairdressing or hair cutting in any street or public place. 

(53) HLP 12 (10) Use any hair barber’s or hairdresser’s shop for any other purposes without the approval of the Director of Health.  

Harare (Licensed Premises) Amendment by-Laws 2017 (3) 

_____________________________________________________________________________________ (

54) HLP Part I (10) Fail to display a valid Council license. 

(55) HLP 4(1) a Operate without a valid Council license.  

Harare (Pushcart) by-Laws SI 200/2005 

(56) HPC 4(1) Operate a pushcart without valid license. 

(57) HPC (Sec 14)(1) Operate a pushcart within the area of the Harare Central Business District. 2nd schedule 

(58) HPC (Sec 14)(2) Operate a pushcart within the precincts of any public place.  2nd schedule 

(59) HPC (Sec 14)(3) Operate a pushcart within the precincts of any stadium/sports ground.  2nd schedule 

(60) HPC (Sec 14)(4) Operate a pushcart in any service lane. 

2nd schedule 

(61) HPC (Sec 14)(5) Operate a pushcart in the forecourt of any filling station/service station that  2 is open to the public. nd schedule 

(62) HPC 16(1) Obstruction of road by a pushcart. 

(63) HPC 16(2)a Park pushcart in any sidewalk in such a way so as to cause obstruction to human traffic. 

Liquor Act Chapter 14: 12 


(64) LA Part VIII Operate liquor outlet without a valid and appropriate liquor license/permit. 113 (1)(a) 

(65) LA Part V (27) Operate a liquor outlet before or beyond prescribed times. 

Salisbury (Protection of Lands) by-Laws SI 104/1973 


(66) SPL 4(1) Cultivate any land, plant, sow, reap any plant, shrub, bush, flower,  vegetables, fruit, tree or any other crop without Council approval. 

(67) SPL 6(I) Erect a shanty without Council’s approval. 

(68) SPL 6(II) Occupy a shanty. 

Harare (Peoples market) by-Laws SI 57/1983 


(69) HPM 4 Bring or permit to be brought into the peoples market any animal or bird  without prior Council permission.

EMA Act Chapter 20: 27 


(70) EAC 140 (2)g Excavate or remove clay, gravel, sand, or top soil without Council approval. 

(71) EAC 140 (2)k Cultivate on river banks, water catchment area or on land adjacent to  artificial conserved water.  

Forest Act Chapter 125 


(72) FA 68 (a) 1 Cut, injure, collect or remove any tree without Council authority. 

Harare (Trees and Plants) by-Laws SI 141/1987 


(73) HTP 7 Prune trees planted without the approval of the City Council. 

(74) HTP 8(a) Destroy, damage or remove any tree, tree goard, lawn or flower bed willfully and without the prior written consent of City Council. 

Harare Traffic by-Law 1983 


(75) TBL 4(e) Park any vehicle road or parking for the purpose of sale, repair, garaging. 

(76) TBL 13(1)(a) Cycle on footpath or sidewalk. 

(77) TBL 14(1)(b) Cycle in any road instead of adjacent cycle track.


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