Kuda Tagwirei Takes Zimbabweans For Idiots – Chin’ono

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chon’ono said petroleum tycoon Kudakwashe Tagwirei’s donations to Dynamos and Highlanders football clubs and football legends “breaks his heart”.

According to a ZimLive report, on Tuesday, Tagwirei committed US$5.3 million to Zimbabwe’s two largest football clubs, Dynamos and Highlanders.

Tagwirei, cited in multiple investigations as “corrupt” and also under individual United States and British sanctions, made the pledge through his Sakunda Holdings.

Sakunda would provide three houses worth US$90 000 each to Dynamos icon Moses Chunga, Highlanders’ legend Madinda Ndlovu, and football commentator Charles Mabika, Tagwirei announced to the collective shock of the three men who were in the audience.

Sakunda would also buy a house for the late Dynamos legend George Shaya’s family worth US$120 000.

He also donated two Ford Everest and two Ford Ranger double-cab vehicles for the two clubs’ coaches and captains – valued in excess of US$200 000 combined. The vehicles were handed over on Wednesday.

But Chin’ono argues Tagwirei made the donations in a bid to cleanse his image as well as that of his “criminal syndicate”. Chin’ono wrote on his Facebook page:

It breaks my heart that Kuda Tagwirei and his criminal syndicate LOOTED public funds meant for hospitals and schools, then some citizens celebrate when he tries to cleanse his image by sponsoring football!

This should be the lowest point for Kirsty Coventry, it shows a lack of values and a total breakdown of citizen political consciousness!

This money was stolen from the pensions of your parents and grandparents who today are receiving literally peanuts!

It is you who are sponsoring Dynamos and Highlanders through paying hospital bills for your parents and school fees for your relatives because the money was looted by Tagwirei and his criminal syndicate.

It is sad that we have citizens celebrating these looters, failing to understand what it really means!

They loot your money, come back elections time and sponsor a club and then expect you to be so foolish to vote for them on that account!

A man steals your only cow that gives your family milk, he then gives milk to your favourite football club and you celebrate?

They must think Zimbabweans are idiots!

Meanwhile, an online poll conducted by ZimLive showed that 62 per cent of respondents are in favour of Dynamos and Highlanders taking Sakunda Holdings’ money. Said ZimLive:

Like a travelled thief who returns to the village to share his loot, it appears many football fans are happy to overlook Tagwirei’s corporate pariah status if his tainted money will make their clubs competitive again.

More: ZimLive

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6 comments on “Kuda Tagwirei Takes Zimbabweans For Idiots – Chin’ono

  1. The best and lasting thing that Tagwirei could hve done was to sponsor the full top zim league not two teams but 16 or whatever full number.

  2. At least he has done while some of us are just negative with everything zimbabwean why not go and live where your values are better, hopewell, sponsor your choice and priorities, your ego is becoming so retrogressive, if you have a mission it is loosing its relevance. Sorry its my wrong view

  3. Ts a gud job,at least he has put SM money in the sport,madinda deserves something,we r happy to idolise Robin hoods from English tales there is no much difference

  4. Tagwirei is focused on the development not sabotaging of our country. Thank you so much for developing our soccer, creating employment at mines, fuel companies whilst others who claim they love us have closed all their companies to force us to vote for them. God bless you.

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