Who Runs ANC, Luthuli House Or White Shadow Govt? – Opinion

A ZBC News columnist only identified as “A Comrade” has claimed that South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) is being run by a white shadow government.

The columnist was commenting on developments in the party that saw Secretary-General Ace Magashule being suspended after refusing to step down pending the outcome of his corruption, fraud and money laundering case.

Magashule dramatically announced that he was suspended President Cyril Ramaphosa from the post of party president, a move which the and said will respond to accordingly.

The columnist believes the ANC’s NEC is being instructed by someone to go hard on Magashule and says they should leave him alone. Below are excerpts from the columnist’s article:

Who is running the ANC, Luthuli House or a white shadow government?

This militant character of Ace standing up for his convictions and challenging the culture of inclusion, is what sees him being targeted by the Thuma Mina brigade.

His departure is critical for them because if they fail to remove him and other undesirables from the list. Big business has vowed to starve the ANC, government and SOEs of funding to levels worse than those exerted on the Zuma government.

The intention being to worsen the electricity crisis, make SOEs and the business sector dysfunctional, causing mass unemployment, lowering tax collection, forcing potential debt defaults and an inevitable ratings downgrade that will cause chaos for the ANC to give capital greater leverage.

All in the while they will bump up support for the DA and it’s black masks, encouraging defections from the ANC and pushing for the formation of coalitions against the party.

A strategy that will strengthen coalitions as a means to neutralize an ANC majority, transferring political power back to the Broederbond and their capital masters, while creating a perfect Hegelian Dialectic for capital to buy-up broke SEOs for a song.

To avoid this outcome, Thuma Mina and they hope, opposing elements within the party, will be pushed to exert their influence on the NEC, to drop candidates with allegations of corruption from the list, to save the party.

This requires the raising of negative sentiment and allegations of corruption around the SG so that they can push him out. An outcome that must be achieved by June.

The challenge that boThuma Mina face is if they don’t remove their nemesis, is it will not only cause a loss in financial support for the party and Ramaphosa government, but more critically, it poses a real functional challenge for Ramaphosa to work under a Secretary General who is committed to upholding the resolutions set at Nasrac.

This would hinder Ramaphosa’s ability to push through Rupert’s wish list without facing resistance in the party.

A wish list that prescribes that once the ANC wins the next elections, Ramaphoza needs to immediately proceed to fast track three major projects:

• The privatization of SOEs which currently is not ANC policy.

• Reviving and funding the nuclear build program,

• Which must begin with the removal of Russian companies and replacing them with American and French partners aligned to Rothschilds interests.

To achieve this, key strategic positions in government and select SEOs are said to have been earmarked for specific senior white captains of industry or deployees of capital, tasked with steering the country on a Washington Consensus, neo-liberal path which black people are not trusted to fulfill.

The rumor mill is also speculating that Steven Kosef, Maria Ramos and Martin Kingston have already resigned from their high profile jobs in preparation for deployment into a Ramaphosa government.

Martin Kingston the ex-CEO of Rothschild South Africa is on record saying that he is ready to step in to help restructuring Eskom and silencing voices that are delaying the privatization of Eskom.

A clear indication that ANC collective decision making will take a back seat under the new Thuma Mina dispensation, hence the need to remove any strong revolutionaries who are likely to challenge Ramaphosa’s carte blanche.

Just like many votes were bought at Nasrac, we are told that great strides are being taken to convert key party loyalists to align with the Thuma Mina program of capture.

Such strides include blackmail and lubrication of the party, coupled by generous incentives for cadres courtesy of the largess of Rupert and Bidvest etal.

Meanwhile, law enforcement arms are being geared to focus investigations on eliminating individuals who are opposed to the interests of the new order.

All in the while, at the high table, the black Rothschilds: Patrice, Jeff and Cyril the hand picked proxies of white capital, continue to sharpen their knives on deals in energy in preparation for the privatization of Eskom and the pending nuclear program.

The grapevine has it that Cyril has interests in Cahorra Bassa, which indirectly sets him as a crucial independent energy provider to Eskom through his energy company.

Businessmen brought into the political fold need not corrupt politicians to access resources as they can now simply use their political office to appropriate resources at will for the benefit of their principals and families.

Never has accumulating wealth been so easy as now when capital has a revolving door with government, regulatory bodies and the ruling party.

Soon we will see the return of Jewish and Broederbond elites in government and SOEs to complete the structure of inclusion.

With all these revelations land expropriation without compensation is beginning to look highly unlikely under Cyril and his handlers. And if it’s still on the cards, one thing is for sure, it will happen on their terms, hence, Patrice is sitting with the emergency land reform fund given by Soros.

This is why they must eliminate anyone who might stand in their way.

Although comrade Ace has his own skeletons. Those of us who know him understand his passion for black empowerment, transformation, land reform and creating an equal society for all.

So if we lose him, we will be hard pressed to find another person who has not sold out for inclusion to run with the mandate of our electorate like the current SG.

It’s with this that I appeal to those comrades who still believe in the principles and ideals that brought us into the revolutionary idea called ANC. To rally behind comrade Ace and to stand up against the same foreign interests that supported apartheid, created the Freedom Charter and saw our comrade Sobukwe leaving the ANC.


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