Campaign Launched To Raise Salaries For Political Detainees

United States-based MDC activist, Freeman Chari, who is one of the people who launched an initiative to raise salaries for “political detainees” in Zimbabwe has said the campaign has raised over US$400 already. 
The initiative is launched when a number of opposition members, human rights defenders and journalists have in the recent past been attested with some convicted for various offences.
Speaking on the initiative, Chari said:
  1.  If I had my way everyone who is jailed for political reasons would be salaried. We have to get to a point where it becomes a badge of honor. The team we have assembled for the Zim Solidarity Network is already looking for scholarships, internship opportunities abroad.
  2. We are doing this because it works. All these pple that are being detained, denied bail for frivolous reasons should actually earn more than the magistrates who are conniving to do it. Mnangagwa must know that persecution has never been a deterrent for a determined pple.
  3. So, contribute if you can. Share and retweet. Please tag ZANU PF trolls, we need them to grow a lump.
  4. We have already raised $400 in 10hrs, that is 8x what a ZANU troll makes in a month
The GoFundMe campaign, according to organisers was inspired by the shrinking democratic space in Zimbabwe. Reads the description of the campaign:
The shrinking of democratic space in Zimbabwe is a cause for concern. Zimbabwe is witnessing an increased purge of social and political activists demanding economic and political change. In the quest to silence dissent the regime in Zimbabwe has embarked on massive arrests and convictions of economic and political activists.
The military government in Zimbabwe is trying to make an example on those who dare raise their voices to demand justice & accountability. Unless we stand together, there is no hope.It is in light of these developments that the Zimbabwe Solidarity Network is sourcing resources towards the welfare of state’s victims and their immediate dependents.The resources we anticipate to go a long way in helping families who are plunged into difficulties following these purges and those orphaned due to political activism. We look forward to provide food, Family or households economic strengthening, school fees and medical support.
– To assist political detainees with basic amenities eg food and sanitary supplies.
– To ensure that the immediate families of political detainees have food and educational support.
We are a group of concerned Zimbabweans based in North America. We are currently in the process of registering a non-profit Zimbabwe Solidarity Network (ZSN).  Currently the fundraising team includes- David Siampondo- Taku Rukuni- Freeman Chari- Thandi Ncube
We have a network of volunteers within Zimbabwe who are going to ensure that the support reaches the intended beneficiaries. We will also work hand in hand with organizations and lawyers who have access to those detained.
We will periodically publish the names of the beneficiaries and where possible have them acknowledge the support.

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