Twimbos Start #BoycottDendairy Over The Eviction Of Chiredzi Villagers To Grow Grass For Dendairy

Twimbos (Zimbabweans on Twitter) have started #BoycottDendairy after it emerged the government is going to evict thousands of Chiredzi villagers from their ancestral land to grow grass to benefit Dendairy’s cattle. 

Zimbos not happy with the decision have started the social media movement to try and get the government to change their decision to evict the villagers from their ancestral land


MDC Alliance

We call upon ALL progressive citizens to #BoycottDendairy. We stand with the people of Chilonga & call upon citizens to play their part in moving for the protection of our people’s rights. We can’t enable the suffering of villagers. Commerce should never trump human dignity


Team Pachedu

Mnangagwa is invading land for Dendairy.


– Pegging done without consultation

– Everything was done in secrecy

– MPs, Councilors, DA were unaware

– CIOs later came to take a census

– Their cars had no number plates

– 12500+ people now face eviction


#SaveChilonga #BoycottDendairy


No person may be evicted from their home, or have their home demolished, without an order of court made after considering all the relevant circumstances.”

Section 74, Constitution of Zimbabwe #SaveChilonga #BoycottDendairy


“They also pegged in our graveyards and sacred cultural shrines. We are now confused because we have never seen such a thing. They never consulted us.” Thousands in Chilonga are facing eviction because Mnangagwa wants to give the land to Dendairy.#SaveChilonga #BoycottDendairy


Hopewell Chin’ono

This is Operation Restore #ColonialLegacy by the regime. Who would have thought that a Black Zimbabwean would be kicked off their ancestral land by a black President to make way for a white crony? We have NO guns, but you can use your pockets; #BoycottDendairy products!


Thandekile Moyo

Here’s a protest that doesn’t need us to put our safety on the line. All it requires is that if it says 

@dendairy on the packaging, Do not buy it! Does anyone have a list of their products or other dairy products companies they supply? #SaveChilonga #BoycottDendairy



Mr Nhachi 

While we are engaged in an iPhone vs Android war, our government is evicting 12K Citizens, who are mainly the Shangaan minority from their homes. 

#SaveChilonga  #BoycottDendairy


Advocates4 Earth

Corporates such as @Dendairy must be stopped by all means from evicting people off their communal lands. The people of Chilonga in Chiredzi deserve respect from the government & business. People’s & community rights must be placed first before profits #BoycottDendairy #SaveChilonga


Nelson Chamisa

STOP BEING HEARTLESS AND CRUEL..EVICTING 12 500 Chilonga villagers in Chiredzi for a grass dairy project is criminal and vile.Chiyadzwa, Chingwizi, Chisumbanje greenfuel evictions show disdain of citizens. Capital &profits must not undermine citizens rights,heritage and dignity.


Financial Zimbabwe 

Let us boycott Dendairy to put pressure on these people. #boycottdendairy


Linda Masarira

@LEADZim2023 condemns the  Government of Zimbabwe and Dendairy eviction of peasants of Chilongo in Chiredzi. We are calling for resistance of the continued use of Colonial laws the Communal Lands Act in Post-lndependence Zimbabwe.


We stand in solidarity and support the Chilonga Community as well as other previously internally displaced persons. People in rural areas & farming areas continue to be abused by our own government through lawfare to displace people from their ancestral land. #BoycottDendairy



#BoycottDendairy We have the most reactionary government in @SADC_News Workers are being exploited Peasants are being dispossessed of their land for the benefit of ruling elites and their cronies. The people should be free in their country.


Nelson Humba

I can’t imagine that it’s only for grass. It could be diamond or some other mineral that is going to be secretly looted. #BoycottDendairy


Pater Mutasa

#BoycottDendairy #SaveChilonga 

The government of @edmnangagwa & @ZANUPF_Official  have thrown away all that the revolutionaries fought for. It was never imagined that forty years after independence Zimbabweans will be moved from their rural homes to pave way for few cronies.



Ok, we heard about your grass project. The question still stands, what’s your plan with 12,5k+ villagers???? #SaveChilonga #BoycottDendairy


Maurice Maswiswi

people will be resettled and compensated and left in a much productive state than current. Furthermore, they will be given technical assistance to improve their lively-hoods. 


This idea of boycott this or that is jumping onto a bandwagon to nowhere land. Dendairy is probably the cheapest milk in Zimbabwe, and secondly they will just export the milk, it does not move a needle.


Land belongs to the state. Section 72 allows for compulsory acquisition. That case is settled. What i expect from progressives like you is to advocate that those to be resettled be adequately compensated, speedily and not to be adversely affected by rlcation.


Gibson Sithole

Mnangagwa must be stopped Zimbabweans. This man is retrogressive, corrupt and heartless. #SaveChilonga #BoycottDendairy

Delta Beverages, Ingewebu Breweries and Tongaat Hulett have good contract farming schemes with communal farmers in Chilonga and this is a key source of livelihood. 


Dendairy and Mnangagwa want to illegally evict thousands of these beneficiaries. #SaveChilonga  #BoycottDendairy


Taurai Tsungu

Another way to #BoycottDendairy is the South African way. There was a racial advert on hair products, South Africans just asked shop owners to take that brand off shelves. We can’t face the guns, but we can surely face the shop owner in our community. #RemoveDendairyFromShelf


Elnathan Chiteve

I just want Dendairy to see #BoycottDendairy and think about getting land elsewhere and not have people relocated that’s all. People will still buy their products we know but if they can see this then maybe they will find an alternative piece of land.


Melusi Mtethwa

So these Zanu thugs are now stealing land from the natives and give it to their white handlers.


Delight Mabiza

#BoycottDendairy is the new hashtag. If you agree that #ZimbabweanLivesMatter then a whiteboy who has put the president in his pocket can’t evict 12000+ people jus to plant grass. 


Being Shangani don’t mean less Zimbabwean. ED should take his boy to Gutu.


Lorraine Pilime

This is Darren Coetzee, MD & Co-founder of Dendairy. Companies like this are complicit in the oppression of Zimbabweans. How can 1000 families just be displaced? Why is communal land parcelled out to private companies at such a cost? @g_dendairy


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One Comment on “Twimbos Start #BoycottDendairy Over The Eviction Of Chiredzi Villagers To Grow Grass For Dendairy

  1. I wish to comment about what Maurice Maswiswi said. I don’t know what Maurice does for a living but surely you cant say relocating people from their ancestral lands is beneficial to them? What kind of thinking is this Maurice? If they can be assisted why not assist them where they are? Let us not defend the indefencible. For 30 pieces of silver?

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