OPINION: Displacement Of Indigenous People From Their Ancestral Land Proves Zimbabwe Regime A Continuation Of Colonialism – The Zimbabwean

Rueben Mbofana writing for the Zimbabwean has said the government’s decision to remove people from their ancestral land shows they have not departed from the actions of the colonialists who would do the same when they came to Africa.

Mbofana was commenting after it emerged the government approved the displacement of 1000 families in Chiredzi to pave way for grass to grow to feed Dendairy cattle in the area.

Opined Mbofana:

It has never been in doubt to most of us that, the 1980 government, that came into power in Zimbabwe, was nothing more than a British project, which had been created to hijack the genuine and gallant people’s revolution, in order to establish a system that would continue colonial interests in the country (once known as Rhodesia), and protect the erstwhile masters’ interests – since, the real liberation struggle Sons and Daughters of the Soil were regarded as a potential threat to this order.

Those who bother taking the time to study how the elections of 1980 were conducted by the British, under governor Lord Soames, would know how the hijacked and betrayed ZANU party was permitted to commit some of the most horrendous and barbaric pre-election atrocities with impunity, in the run-up to their disputed ‘victory’ – signalling the genesis of a troubling violent tendency characterizing all subsequent elections in the country, as the ruling elite knew within their hearts of hearts (or, whatever they call the place their cruelty emanates from), that they never attained the true trust, love, and support of the majority of Zimbabweans……

A charade that is still ongoing

Yet, what we still witness today, is a ruling party still willing to please their ‘real’ masters, as they have just gazetted a legal instrument paving the way for the eviction of over 12,500 villagers from their ancestoral homes in Chilonga, Chiredzi, so as to make way for the growing of Lucerne grass to feed cattle owned by Dendairy company.

Does this sound familiar? It most certainly does, as this brings back memories of the atrocious evictions of villagers under Chief Rekai Tangwena, of Nyanga in Manicaland province, on 29 October 1970 by the colonial regime, under the Land Apportionment Act something the Harare establishment always megaphones as the highlight of the Rhodesians’ cruelty, in spite of repeating the very same in a post-independent Zimbabwe.

If what the Zimbabwe government is doing to these Chiredzi villagers had been orchestrated at the hands of the Rhodesians, we would have never heard the last of it  as we would have been loudly and repeatedly told by the post-independence authorities, how “cruel colonists displaced Chiredzi villagers from land they had been on for hundreds of years, in order to grow grass”.

In fact, this Chiredzi displacement of people off their ancestoral land “to grow grass”, is by no means an isolated case, as removing people from their land, and leaving them virtually destitute, to make room for capital, has been the hallmark of both the Rhodesia and Zimbabwe regimes – however, the latter has even taken this a step further, by demolishing people’s homes, and abandoning them to the caprices of the weather, under the pretext of ‘sanitizing’ or ‘cleansing’ urban areas.

We, the people, then ask, “What difference to colonialism did this post-independence regime bring” – considering that the majority of the country’s citizenry have never experienced the difference – if anything, most urban dwellers, and the working class, might sense that the economic situation has actually worsened under this incompetent, corrupt, and murderous tyranny, whose only purpose appears to be to steal, kill, and destroy.

Source: The Zimbabwean 

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