‘Don’t Be Fooled. ZANU PF Still Enjoys Massive Support’ – OPINION

A political and social commentator on social media, Setfree Mafukidze, says it is simply not true to say that the ruling ZANU PF party no longer enjoys the support of all Zimbabweans.

In a post on Twitter, Mafukidze argued that only people who haven’t been to the countryside, where ZANU PF derives most of its, have a false notion that the party has lost support universally. He wrote:

I will repeat this because it’s the truth. Most people l interact with on various social media platforms who would want a new Zimbabwe without ZANU PF are very divorced from the reality that ZANU PF has a support base and that support base will continue to grow and easily so.

While all of us urbanites might think ZANU PF “haichadiwa nevanhu“, l believe it is said by people who do not move around Zimbabwe. Yes, ZANU PF has messed up a lot economically and on other issues but the truth is they have a following and below is why l believe they have it.

The ZANU PF government recently launched a farming program called Pfumvudza in which they are providing Small Scale and Communal Farmers with inputs, they are doing so in rural constituencies where you always get shocking numbers in any election.

ZANU PF has since realised that its support is in rural Zimbabwe and that’s where they are concentrating their efforts. The rural economy is different from the urban community with the rural one being agro-based. So the various programs at hand benefit rural folk loyal to ZPF.

ZANU PF continues to cement its relationship with the rural voter and as a result, the rural voter would rather stick to that party which makes their lives and economy tick. Communities organise themselves to support ZANU PF, they organize themselves to vote for ZANU PF.

Now, those in opposition must realise that in order for them to totally extinguish ZANU PF in any election their focus should be winning the hearts of rural folk, without that it will always be difficult to beat ZANU PF, it will remain in power for another 40 years plus.

I know some here will say that ZANU PF has a history of violence in rural Zimbabwe, yes they do, yes they have instilled fear there but they have managed to stay well structured in those areas. Not everyone supports them but they know they benefit from them.

My advice to the opposition is that they must work a well-thought plan if they are to penetrate rural Zimbabwe, they have to relate with the rural folk, anything short of that will not yield much or an outright win.

I hope this makes some sense if it doesn’t maone.

More: Cde Setfree Mafukidze on Twitter

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3 comments on “‘Don’t Be Fooled. ZANU PF Still Enjoys Massive Support’ – OPINION

  1. I agree, absolutely! Zanu Pf violence worked very well in rural areas to the extent that no heavyweight opposition politician would dare stand in a rural constituency. On the other hand, no Zanu Pf heavyweight can dare to stand in an urban or peri-urban constituency!These are the realities of our political landscape and culture the outside world should understand.

  2. Kkkkkkkkkkk seka zvako Goritoto , massive support ye forced love , intimidation kuvhundutsa vanhu get food only when you support zanu – slogans dzekumaruva – ruzeva tokudzinga mudunhu if you are an opposition supporter. Tinokubvisa pahushe or husabhuku if you don’t support us. The list goes on . Kutonga kwaro kutonga ne demo no campaigns allowed if you are not a zanoid. Police , military all brainwashed to follow zanu command. Even nemubedroom controlled by zanu thugs , thieves and murderers who live on blood and destruction of economy and lives. Fullstop thats where your opinions are based on . Talk of real love then zanu doesn’t exists in Zimbabwe.

  3. Bullshit they are a violent minority worse than smiths regieme the only people who maintain zanu are the Chinese communist party and the new anc

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