Fakes News Alert: Some WhatsApp Stories Claiming To Be From Pindula, Are Not.

Recently, Pindula News has noted a number of Fake News stories spreading on WhatsApp using our name. . The stories are designed to fool people into believing they were written by Pindula.

We would like to make it clear we have no part in such fake news. Our whole reason for existence is to provide our community trustworthy news that is useful.

Here are some screenshots of such Fake News news that we have picked up recently:

Fake News is dangerous and hurts all of us in one way or the other.

What does genuine Pindula News look like?

Here are the few things to help you identify a true Pindula News story:

  1. Every news article posted on WhatsApp must have an internet link. This link goes to the original story on our website and can help you verify that the story is indeed there. Stories without a link should be treated with suspicion.
    The link is in the following format:

    Format of Pindula News Story on WhatsApp
    What a Pindula News story on WhatsApp story looks like


  2. We do not use obscene language in our stories. That’s just not us. If you encounter that, treat
  3. We translate all quotes made in other languages to English.
  4. We are not a tabloid, and we do not use sex or shocking content. If it feels tabloidy, treat it with suspicion.


How can you help?

You can be part of the solution to fighting Fake News on WhatsApp by doing the following:

  1. Notify us if you see these stories so that we can debunk them if need be
  2. Explain to people in some of the groups where these stories are being sent to that the stories are fake
  3. Stop forwarding them if they come your way


What are we doing about this?

We understand that not everyone has regular internet bundles and is able to verify stories by checking them on the internet. We’re therefore working on a way to make it possible to verify news right there on WhatsApp and will be announcing this as soon as we’re done.

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