“Mnangagwa’s Administration Exhibiting Traits Of Apartheid South Africa,” – SA Lawyers

The Johannesburg Society of Advocates has likened the administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to that of the apartheid South Africa and other autocratic regimes.

The group speaks amid reports of shrinking democratic space in Zimbabwe, a crisis reportedly characterised by state crackdown on dissent and violation of human rights and suppression of freedoms.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the JSA said:

History is littered with such conduct from apartheid South Africa, the former Yugoslavian Republic and Uganda, to name but three instances.

Reports of unlawful arrests of persons as leverage for others in hiding to be given up, of the arrest of opposition political party members, of journalists and other outspoken people and of the arrest, abduction, torture and sexual assault of women in Zimbabwean society are the very hallmarks of gross human rights abuses by governments that do not respect the rule of law.

The JSA strongly condemned the reported violations and the suppression of Zimbabweans’ fundamental human rights which it said is a violation of the constitution.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean government says the crisis is being exaggerated by enemies of the state who intend to dirt the country’s image.

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3 comments on ““Mnangagwa’s Administration Exhibiting Traits Of Apartheid South Africa,” – SA Lawyers

  1. South Africa can only relate things to single variables, the trade marks they speak of have a new name and it is one even they are adopting but under a different guise. They speak as they are better than us which is a laugh, they may have a better economy but their people are terrible human beings and commit the most human rights acts against one another and to all those who are not from there but yet they can stand on a podium and speak to others😂😂😂. South Africa is pathetic in every way imaginable and their victim mentality has no bounds, zimbabweans must never forget these snakes masquerading as our “brothers” and what they represent as a future trying to install their views on us but because they are black I should not look at the critically just because we are the same colour? No, idiolegy makes each nation different and I choose to look at character which even though we have many many issues I am proud to be Zimbabwean and proud of every Zimbabwean regardless of race or creed who despite every challenge still are able to wake up and push through.

  2. truth what about our monies which were turned from USD to bond at 1:1 and suddenly the rate changed is now 1:80 +.
    workers get less than 40 USD per month.
    prices go up weekly and there is no reprieve.
    daily we read of arrests of pop. politicians and these are locked up and denied bail which perhaps is unjust car no one is guilty until proven guilty at law.
    we have a lot of people in South Africa trying to Erik a living by how many South Africans come here to look for jobs?
    My wish is let us not just be on the defensive but be factual even if it means we are to blame so we can be helped.

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