Zimbabweans Divided Over The Compensation Of White Farmers

Social media posts have exhibited that Zimbabweans have different views with regards to the compensation of former white farmers who lost their land during the fast track land reform.

The discussion over whether the former farmers should be compensated or not is triggered by Finance Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube’s official signing of a US$3,5 billion compensation agreement with dispossessed white farmers.

Among those who are against the move is popular social media-based ZAU PF crusader Mmatigari who accused President Mnangagwa and the Finance minister of selling out. He said:

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Good morning to all Zimbabweans, except @MthuliNcube & @edmnangagwa. They can get their good morning from colonial settlers they think should be paid billions for building on stolen land after pillaging, subjugating, enslaving and killing our people.

Another social media post that was in response to Matigari’s post said:

You know Mati ( I’ve given myself time 2 cooldown on this. I asked myself whether $2.5b is too big a price 2 pay 4 restoration of our economic future. It’s a “small” amount really. However, its a dagger to the heart when u consider blacks were never compensated 4 slavery & colonisation.

A related post read:

I wonder have families who lost loved ones during (the) colonial era (have) been compensated. Have people who were used as forced labour been compensated.

Have people who were removed from their land by colonisers been compensated? Have families of people killed during liberation been compensated.

Another one said:

They looted minerals for centuries, used our ancestors free forced labour to industrialize their countries. Made money out of it gave these so called farmers loans to develop our land, that with our cheap labour again – now we paying for “developments” they made. This shld not be

Another social media user weighed in:

True! Because kana iri yanyaya ye compensation then lets start from the beginning i.e. them paying for colonization!! I am pretty sure after reconciliation of the two payments, they will be owing us!!!

Some argued that although the move is not the ideal one, it is progressive as it would help address the socio-economic crisis in the country. Below are some posts in support of the move:

  • Balance me here. I think we should pay nothing BUT sometimes isn’t it strategic to give your “adversary” something. Is the 3.5 billion a big deal in the bigger scheme of things?
  • Not really, as far as I understand those farmers where wronged by the Zimbabwe gov and deserve compensation for what happened to them. If it was something that happened 200 years ago and everybody involved was already dead then it wouldn’t make sense to talk of reparations.

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One Comment on “Zimbabweans Divided Over The Compensation Of White Farmers

  1. Just pay and shut up stop crying like babies because you may have to pay taxes and the past existed not to your liking

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