The MDC Alliance Is Destabilizing The Economy Through Implosive Politics & Illegal Market Activities Like Gold Smuggling – Charamba

The President’s press secretary, George Charamba has made sensational claims that the opposition through what he called implosive politics were destabilizing the economy. The Herald reports.

Charamba went on to say there is a connection between runaway market activities and runaway opposition politics:

There is a very strange coincidence that we have noticed over quite some months between the implosive politics within the opposition, self-implosive politics, and heightened illicit activity in the economy. You have that mayhem in the MDC whose sum effect is that of weakening the opposition in the country on the one and then you have increased below the law and out of the law activities in the economy.

We have realised that there is a clear nexus between runaway market activities and runaway opposition politics, that more and more, the security threat to this country, the destabilisation to this country is finding expressing through the market, so there is heightened smuggling of gold, there is heightened transactions, there is release of precious foreign currency into the black market, all to create a generalised instability which have the effect of creating disenchantment on the part of the Government.

Charamba further made his point by saying the MDC Alliance has made the situation worse by creating the opposition though Illicit market activities:

The politics are being shaped from the market, it is as if we are being told, if you won’t have MDC-Alliance for an opposition then we will create an opposition for you through illicit market activities, through illicit NGOs, through disgruntled unions and through embassies mostly so given to making anti-government statements, when you coalesce that you will realise that we are in a phase where destabilisation has assumed a market form. The calculation was a health sector led generalised public strike, we are aware of such plots

Charamba, however, did not mention the problems bedevilling the country like corruption which is running amok as witnessed these past few weeks, gold smuggling to Dubai, inconsistent policies and other push and pull factors that have led to an economic meltdown in the country.

More: The Herald

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2 comments on “The MDC Alliance Is Destabilizing The Economy Through Implosive Politics & Illegal Market Activities Like Gold Smuggling – Charamba

  1. We are all aware that George Charamba is not and will never be a politician, despite all rattlings and cracklings like an insect!!

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