‘Meek’ Chamisa’s Risks Losing ‘Fatigued’ Support Base – OPINION

A political commentator, Davis Laque, believes the MDC Alliance risks being left with a demoralised and disillusioned support base for allowing party leaders to be abducted or arrested without reaction.

The fact that the party has lost several court cases to the MDC-T fronted by Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora may generate voter apathy in the party’s support base when 2023 comes. Writes Laque:

The MDC of Chamisa is actually wasting both the goodwill and frustrations of different Zimbabwean constituencies. You have fought both Mwonzora and Zanu-PF with kid gloves for far too long. The perfect spin bowler is useless in a rugby match to redirect the battle where you will win.

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The MDC of Chamisa risks being left with a fatigued support base. Supporters who see their Leadership as toothless. Supporters who see that their party will always lose court cases. Supporters who see that their party Leaders can easily be abducted or arrested with no reaction.

The psychological damage being inflicted on MDC supporters through political minions and spent forces who make up the MDC-T will be far-reaching. Imagine justifying being bullied around by Dougie. Chamisa needs to re-energize the base What good is a commander leading a demoralized army.

It defies logic saying the courts are captured and you still go there. The courts already have exposed themselves. The point has been made already. It defies logic to say 2018 was stolen from us, but let’s wait for 2023! Voters apathy in 2023 might be the death of the MDC-A.

By now, the MDC would have easily collected enough money to build a new Party Headquarters. The MDC has survived thus far not because of the iconic HH… Rather, its because it found homage in the hearts of its supporters who have sacrificed literally everything.

I’m not even talking about an armed struggle or anything like that. The MDC of Chamisa still needs to behave and react like a political party. It has to find ways of making political statements. Brother Chamisa, you once tweeted “We now want everything back”

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